Jan. 10th, 2009

The past two nights/days Cooper has had diarrhea. Yesterday he had rice but wasn't really eating it. This morning I gave him some pumpkin because that works for constipation and diarrhea. It's a wonder food.

So he lapped up about 2 tablespoons worth and then wouldn't touch it. Mark hand fed him a few more fingerfuls and I tried also. He wasn't interested.

Louie LOVES pumpkin. He's not sick but I don't see how pumpkin can hurt a cat so I gave him some.. then Layla came running over so I filled her up a tiny dish too. Cooper just stared at them. For some reason I think it's really cute when cats eat "people" food probably because they never do and they're never even interested.

So Cooper still hadn't touched the rest of his pumpkin - it's been about an hour. Louie just came downstairs and was like heeeeeey more pumpkin and ran over to Cooper's dish. Cooper (being the little bitch he is) ran over and ate the whole dish so Louie couldn't get any. It was hysterical and also good that he ate it.

I also stepped in diarrhea covered in snow when I just walked him. That was fucking lovely. Normally, we pick up after him, but it's kind of hard to pick up diarrhea (I personally don't even want to try) and we figured with the snow and everything coming it'd be gone soon so we didn't bother. Yeah, of course I step in it. Karma.

This was a pretty gross entry.



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