i'm freaking tired.  we went to friendlys and i had about a pot of coffee with dinner.. i dunno what it is about their coffee but i drink a lot of it.  

my throat is killing me and i have no idea why but i blame mark cause he hasn't felt well the past few days.  

my lips are really dry for some reason.. i keep chap sticking, drinking, and licking, and nothings helping.. they're not chapped.. just dry.

i've worked the past 8 days in a row and i still have to get to friday which is when were going to the poconos.  at least then i'll get a mini break except that i have to cook at the restaurant on saturday so thats kinda sucky.  i just sit there at work and answer phones, yet i'm completely drained and tired when i get home and i really feel like i shouldn't be that tired from sitting there for 8 1/2 hours.  blech.

we're waiting to hear back from the realtor and lawyer about what we said about the inspection.. and then we go into contract.  whats really weird is you dont have disclosures in ny.  that makes no sense to me.  in pa you got the disclosure before you even put an offer on a house.. here we were told that when we go into contract we'll get one and then we were just told that they dont bother doing them in ny anymore because supposedly people just lie on them and the inspection uncovers anythign in them anyway... and now you get a $500 credit instead.  i dont get it, it still seems really weird to me but whatever. 



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