I haven't updated in approx 3 months.  I should get on that.  I should also write up Reese's birth story because it was pretty great.

Reese has an MRI today at 9am.  She can't eat for 4 hours beforehand.  It's 8am and she's been screaming and crying for about 45 minutes already.  This sucks and also makes no sense since she is usually absolutely fine and sleeping at this hour.  We woke her up at 445 and offered her a large bottle, then I breastfed her back to sleep and handed her to Mark.  If she cried afterwards, I would've just pulled my boob out and she couldn't eat beyond that point.

I'm just really hoping they are somewhat on time for the MRI because I am not a happy camper just letting my baby cry cause she's hungry. 
Reese Madeline arrived on Tuesday (8/27) morning at 10:53am weighing 9lbs 9 oz and measuring 21" long.  Full head of thick black hair, gray eyes like her sister, and enormous puffy cheeks like her mom.

Recovery has been so much better this time because the birth was so great.  They almost convinced me to go all natural but then I totally freaked out thinking about Ziva's birth and my cervix started closing as they were having me push.

Breastfeeding is going much better than with Ziva but Reese had jaundice and had to stay in the hospital an extra day so she was supplemented with formula to get her pooping and get her bilirubin levels down.  So, now we've stretched giant baby's tummy and my milk has to catch up.  BUT, I have milk.  I can hear her gulping and swallowing which is amazing since that never happened with Ziva.  We've dropped the supplementing down - it was 30cc (1oz) every 3 hours, we're now doing 15cc only when necessary i.e. she's been nursing for an hour on both sides and still flipping out - we top her off.  That happened around 8am this morning and then around 3pm I fed her for around 45 minutes and Ziva started flipping out and wanted mommy so I just passed Reese over to Mark and he topped her off and both girls have been happy since then.  So, while not really ideal, only 2 servings of formula today.  I'm sure night time will be rough but we're getting there. 
Still here.  I go through phases of being positive and happy and then I get totally bummed that this baby still hasn't come out of me.  I'm 39w5d.  I'm not even "due" until Tuesday so it doesn't make any sense.  But you try explaining that to a hormonal pregnant woman.  I think I'd be fine going 2 more weeks (ugh) if I didn't have to deal with 8 hours a day of work.  Work isn't hard it's the people that are so annoying - Oh, my you're stil here??  You're still pregnant!  You're huge!  How much longer until they take it out of you?  What if it's too big?  Why are you still working?  You look so so tired.  Oh, look the baby finally dropped.  Oh, maybe you'll drop soon and the baby will come out.  Screw you people.  My responses have been nice thus far but I'm not sure how much nicer I can be.  The "best" was this older lady who says to me "oh you're so swollen, you should give birth soon" as if it's that easy.  then goes on to say "wait, you have tattoos?  why?  what made you get a tattoo?  please tell me you were 18 and stupid?  why would you do such a thing?  You know they're permanent right?  Oh, you're so swollen"  I responded saying "It would be much nicer to hear 'you look so pretty' so unless you're going to say that we're done here" and I walked away.  Of course, the next day she's all "you finally dropped you're totally giving birth this weekend!"  Yeah, proved you wrong there lady.

Yesterday, Ziva was invited to a bounce house birthday party.  She had a bunch of daycare friends there but was still super shy.  Mark ended up having to bounce with her on everything, surprise surprise.  I wanted to bounce the baby out but was worried about fitting through the small openings or getting stuck inside - plus there was a bunch of kids and really only 3 things to bounce on.  I was surprised at how small the place was.  Afterwards, we walked around the outlets for about 2 hours.  Maybe had a contraction or two?  But nothing that actually made me go oh this hurts.  So, it is what it is and if I have to go to 42 weeks again, I guess I will, what other choice do I really have?

Today was a lazy lazy day because, as I mentioned, I'm just done.  Mark got up with Ziva and picked up bagels (and draino since our shower was draining super slowly).  I slept until 9 and then had a bagel with fresh tomatoes and lox cream cheese.  We talked about food to serve if it's a boy and we have a bris (lox and bagels of course hahaha).  Then we watched The Little Mermaid, played around the house, baked oatmeal cookies and banana bread muffins which Ziva loved helping with.  Mark cooked dinner and then we cleaned up from a weekend Hurricane Ziva.  Watched tv, folded some laundry, played some games on facebook, and, now I'm sitting here typing this.

Such a glamorous life we lead :)


Aug. 7th, 2013 09:28 pm
I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday and I'm ready.  I know it could be another month before baby makes its arrival but it could also be tomorrow.  I'm not holding out all my hopes there but that would be awesome.  I have absolutely nothing to do at work now which makes daily life go by sooo slowly.

I talked to the little one yesterday and mentioned that if he/she does decide to come sometime this week, I would be forced to love him/her a little bit more than his/her sister who waited until an induction at 42 weeks.  She'd still be in there if she could fit and just randomly reach out and ask for a new book.

A friend came and painted clouds in the nursery this past weekend so that's all done now.  Just two paintings to hang up but that's no big deal.  I even washed the newborn neutral clothes... something I didn't bother doing with Ziva.  Sorry kiddo.  Her clothes were all new, these are already worn and sat for 2 years.. plus our new washer and dryer are both awesome.

Ziva asks about the baby a bunch which is adorable. She was asking Mark in the car about her baby brother and he was trying to explain it could be a girl, we don't know.  She insists it's a boy, time will tell.  Last night when I was reading to her she stopped listening leaned up (not easy over my gigantic belly) and snuggled into me more and said I love mommy, I love baby, I love daddy, I love woofwoof.  I teared up and gave her squishy hugs and kisses.

We've settled on the names.  We've even settled on the Hebrew names.  Spoke to the Rabbi tonight - if it's a boy we'll do a bris and a baby naming for Ziva.  If it's a girl we'll do a joint baby naming ceremony which will be nice.  Funny that even though Ziva is hebrew he suggested a different Hebrew name.  I like the name though and the meaning so we're going with it.

That's about all.  I sent Mark out for ice cream tonight because, at most, I only have another month to get away with that.
Ziva is doing awesome lately.

We changed to a toddler bed a few months ago and she hasn't looked back.  Lately, she's been waking up early but, because there's been a ton of changes, I can't really blame her as much as I would love to still be sleeping in until 9 on the weekends.

She's been doing wonderfully at potty training.  She still sleeps in a diaper overnight and usually wakes up wet but naps are about 66/33 for dry to wet and it's usually when she had fallen asleep in the car or at daycare that she wakes up wet (we use pull ups at naptime).  Otherwise, she's in her little undies all day and doing really really great.  After the first week at daycare they were saying it may be too soon and yada yada.  Today when I picked her up, the owner just told me how proud she was of Ziva and how amazed she is at how wonderfully she's doing.  Last week she bought her a whole package of undies to celebrate which I thought was really cute.  We've even had 2 poops on the potty in the last two days.  I wasn't expecting poops for quite a while so yay.

Last night, I put her to bed and she asked for the "abcdef" song.  She used to call it the "B" song so this is an improvement.  I sang it once then told her to sing it with me.  She sang the whole alphabet.  She seriously just blows my mind sometimes.  She's gotten up to M and sometimes P a whole bunch but then I slowly said Q R and she picked back up and finished it off.  It's amazing what her little brain is capable of.

She's also perfectly two and loves to throw a mean tantrum.  Laying on the floor, tears flowing, snot streaming down her face, legs kicking all because you gave her the milk she asked for but it was in the wrong cup - even though that's the one she asked for.  Oh, didn't you know she changed her mind?

She's been getting up around 6am lately which sucks, but although it sucks, it's adorable when she comes running into our room and yells GOOD MORNING!!  I go pee pee potty now!  It's not fun at 36 weeks pregnant when I just want to sleep and I'm up every 30-90 minutes thru out the night to pee, change positions, or because I have heartburn.
I had a very vivid dream about labor/birth.  Not at all vivid in the fact that I saw/felt everything just vivid in that I woke up surprised I was still pregnant. I was in horrible pain and then blacked out.  Apparently, I ended up getting a c-section and when I came to, Mark told me everything that happened because I didn't know anything.  I wasn't upset about the c-section because I didn't have any pain and felt much better than my vaginal birth last time.  I was actually incredibly upset that I had gotten an epidural and was so disappointed in myself.

Then, I decided to go through my bag and it was just full of stuffed animals and toys for Ziva.  It didn't have anything that I actually wanted to bring and it didn't have my magical placenta releasng herb that my midwife has told me to bring with me.  Once I realized I didn't have it, I figured the c-section was for the best so I didn't have to deal with someone reaching in and pulling out my placenta, I was just still upset about getting an epidural.  I was in the middle of saying why I was so upset and then real life burst into my room at 7am to announce she had to go potty so I woke up.

I think it's weird that in my dream I was totally okay with the c-section.  I guess cause this time around, I trust my midwife.  If I end up with a c-section, I know it was necessary and not that she just wants to end my pregnancy/labor so she can get home.  I've thought about the epidural and figured I would just play it by ear.  If I'm in horrible pain and can't take it anymore, I'll get the epidural.  If I'm handling things perfectly fine, there's no sense in getting the epidural.  Weird that in my dream that's what upset me.
I know it's been a while but I know I complained about this girl on here before.  The "friend" from high school who gets puppies and then gets rid of them once they are untrainable or she gets bored of them.

Well, she bought a house a few weeks ago and decided to surprise the kids with a puppy!  Yay!!  Anyone wanna take bets on how long this one lasts?  She drives me crazy.
So, because I had off Thurs/Friday for the 4th of July we decided to attempt potty training.  Ziva had a few accidents that weekend but overall did awesome.  Went back to daycare and did okay on Monday but then on Tuesday she came home wearing a stuffed to the brim pull-up.  I never brought pull-ups to school - she just went in underwear and I told them to put her in diapers (which we're now calling "thick undies" because Ziva does not want diapers) for naptime.  Where'd the pull-up come from and why was it so full?  I was annoyed.  Especially because the owner wasn't there and it was just 2 of the other workers so I was like WTF, why aren't you doing what I asked you to do?

She ended up having about 2 accidents a day at school.  On Friday, Mark asks how she's doing overall and how she is compared to other kids and yada yada yada.. he had already asked 2 other teachers there.  He does this a lot.  It annoys the crap out of me.  Ziva likes going on the potty, she asks to go on the potty.  She stops playing and runs over to the potty and pees - clearly she's doing something right.  But, because Mark needs to know exactly how she is compared to every other kid and asks 9 people eventually they're just going to say "eh shes doing ok".  She thought maybe it was too soon to be potty training because Ziva had 2 more accidents at school on Friday.  Then brought up another girl that potty trained around 2 years old but regressed for 5 months back to diapers and now is potty trained again.  Ok, but that's not my kid - every kid is different.  If Ziva regresses, that's fine but I'm not stopping what we're doing just because it's a little more work for daycare.

I kinda feel that with the amount of money I'm paying, if I decide to do elimination communication and have a 4 month old go diaperless, they should be cleaning up that mess all day long, but I digress.  I was really annoyed on Friday and said fuck that.  Especially when Ziva was deeply engrossed in watching something on youtube, stopped and said I need peepee! and ran to the potty.  Then, while eating dinner she stopped, got off her chair, sat on the potty and peed.  Clearly, the kid knows (most of the time) when she has to pee so why would I put her back in diapers?  I told her she's still a big girl but if she wants diapers that's absolutely fine.  She insisted she wanted the undies.

She can hold her pee for a loooong time.  Yesterday she woke up with a wet diaper at 7:30ish and didn't pee until 11:45 when I finally just said okay, sit down and you're not getting up until you pee.  She eventually peed and was very excited.  She then peed another 4x on the potty yesterday and didn't have a single accident.  Obviously, I can understand accidents being more likely at daycare because at home she doesn't have to worry about someone stealing her toy when she goes to the bathroom.  We keep a potty in the den where we normally are also so it's in her view.  I dont put her on the potty hourly, I just ask her often.  I know that's the opposite of what "they say" but it's working for us.

Wow, who knew I had so much to say about potty training.

Also, I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant.  Although I may feel like I've been pregnant forever, this pregnancy is going super quickly and we're going to have a baby here shortly.  That is so exciting and so scary.
Yesterday, Ziva woke up at 5am.  Today she woke up at 6am.  I have no idea why and I really hope this isn't a new phase.  I much prefer my kid that sleeps in until 7:30 during the week and 8:30-9 on the weekends.  I'm tempted to keep her up later but she's super tired by 8 and wants to go to bed.

She keeps waking up and yelling for daddy.  Which is good for me because yesterday I totally pawned her off on Mark to get her because she was asking for him not me.  The problem is that she's still tired and asks to come sleep in our bed but she won't sleep in our bed.  She'll only sleep in her bed.  That's like the opposite of everyone else's problem, isn't it?

I'm going to think positive and tomorrow morning she'll sleep in.  I was going to keep her home on Friday with me because I have off Thursday and Friday but if she gets up at 5am, I'm totally sending her to daycare.

Ziva is 2!

Jun. 17th, 2013 07:56 am
Ziva is 2 years old today.  It's hard to wrap my head around that.  My dad is 59 today.  It's easier to wrap my head around that for some reason.

holy crap

Jun. 11th, 2013 08:30 pm
Time is going way too quickly.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today.
Ziva turns 2 on Monday!
We're going to Sesame Place to celebrate her bday this weekend.  Well, we're going Thursday-Sunday but will actually be at the park (as long as there is decent weather) Friday and Saturday.  We have lunch scheduled with Elmo and I'm thinking she'll love it.

The next weekend we're doing Ziva's birthday party and then it's practically July.  So crazy how time goes.

Pregnancy wise, I'm doing fine.  Passed the Gestational Diabetes test with "flying colors".  There were some ironish levels that were kinda low but Dale said that's totally normal and to just do what I'm doing.  My blood pressure is fine and all my other levels were good as well.  I'm up around 20lbs and I'd love to not gain more than 30 (what I gained with Ziva) but, it is what it is.  And, realistically, there are some days I'm starving and I just eat whatever I want and I don't care.  My hips/pelvis have started to be sore, so that's fun when I'm constantly bending down to pick up Ziva and/or stuff on the floor because of Ziva.

There's a handyman coming tomorrow to finish up the garage apartment.  It was just taking way too long with Mark and his dad doing it and this guy said he can finish it up in 4 days for $900.  That sounds just about right to me. Mark started painting the nursery and I finally remembered to order the decals - a big tree with birds, owls, monkeys, a hippo, giraffe, lion and an elephant.  Same animal theme as Ziva's old nursery but not as brightly colored.  I think it'll be lovely if it ends up looking as nice in person as it all does in my head.
It was definitely not Good Morning America.. here's the clip that was on cbsnews today: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50146659n

Dale mentioned her part was mainly cut but you can see her quickly looking at a woman's belly in her office and then a few seconds later (maybe around 4:40?) she takes a woman's blood pressure.  Glad I got to see it.
Mother's day was lovely.

We all slept in until 10, Mark made breakfast kinda.  The french toast didn't turn out so lovely so instead her made pillsbury flaky rolls which was yummy.  Afterwards, we went to buy a tree to plant so we can watch it grow as we live in the house.  We also bought a small strawberry plant, blackberry plant and raspberry plant.  Picked up some herbs, but I don't think I got all the ones I wanted and we didn't get any flowers yet.

There's a bunch of stuff already planted around the house and I just don't know what it all is.  Some things look like they're supposed to be flowers/plants but since it's been such a wacky spring, they look like weeds.  I guess the beauty of it all is that I can rip out whatever I want, but I'd like to know what's already there.  Mark was insisting on ripping out "the thorny bushes" so Ziva doesn't get hurt.  Until I pointed out that those were rose bushes and we should just give them time to bloom.  So, we'll see. 

Mark then mowed the lawn while Ziva napped and I lounged around on the couch.  Spoke to my sister in law for a while which was really nice snce it's been forever.  Mark made an early dinner of fajitas then we played around in the backyard a bunch.  At this point it was bathtime, so I headed out and went food shopping.  All in all a very productive yet relaxing day.  Mark cooked everything but, man oh man, there is soo many more dirty dishes than usual.  I don't even understand how that happens.

Yesterday Ziva had her first dentist appointment.  It went fine but I just don't know if I loved the place.  I guess I expected them to be more fun and animated..which they weren't.  The appt was 9am so we had to wake Ziva up to get her there on time and she was just cranky and tired.  I don't blame her one bit.  I also had my midwife appointment.  Nothing too exciting there.  I have to do the gestational diabetes test within the next two weeks or so.  I don't have to fast and I can drink whatever juice I want (as long as its ~50g of sugar) which is nice.  I'm just incredibly nervous that I'm going to fail the test, have gestational diabetes, and not be able to control it with diet so I won't be able to stay with my midwife.  Speaking of which, she was supposed to be on tv this morning (Good Morning America, maybe??) but we totally forgot to DVR it so that's disappointing.  So yea, I'm nervous about that.
I'm so far behind in writing that I'm just picking up on this weekend.  It's our 8th wedding anniversary today.  Crazy how time flies.

Friday night, our daycare had "parents night out" which she does every few months.  Basically, pick your kid up normal time, feed them dinner and then drop them back off around 7pm so you can have a date night.  They play, watch movies, eat cookies/random crap stuff, and generally just have an awesome time with their friends.  We went to see Iron Man 3D which was pretty darn good.  I really wanted to go for the popcorn factor and I was very happy with that and some cherry coke from the tap as well.  When we picked Ziva back up around 10:30 they were all sitting around snuggling in their pjs telling "scary" stories.. although it's all 2-5 yr olds so really they were telling fairy tales.  It was adorable.

Saturday morning I was supposed to have a midwife appt but it was rescheduled to next week.  I feel like I've gained 80 lbs since my last appt which was 6 weeks ago at this point.  Either way, Bobbe and Steve came to pick up Ziva because they were going to do that while we went to my appt and wanted to do it anyway even though we were rescheduled.  They went for breakfast, to the park, to the ecology site, and generally just wore her out.  In the meantime, we hit up some garage sales, had a nice lunch out together, and then went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore to check things out for updating the apartment.  Didn't get anything there but a few ideas at least.  We bought a dresser for baby #2, we're getting/borrowing a crib from a friend, and we bought one of those rock and play sleeper things that are all the rage nowadays from a yard sale.  Baby #2 is in good shape as far as stuff goes, just need to pick out paint and actually make the room a room instead of a pile of mish mosh baby stuff.  That night we went over to Dave & Tiffany's and Ziva and Sophie wore out their energy.  Ziva smacked her nose into a cup or something and got a bloody nose, what else is new?

Sunday she slept in until 9:45 when I finally was like, okay we need to get up kiddo.  Definitely not complaining about that.  We cleaned.  We played, Ziva fell on a wooden box and smacked the corner of her head.  She is a magnet for bruises lately.  I feel horrible, she is more bruised now than when she was starting to walk and learning to fall.  I guess she's also more gutsy and fearless now so that's an issue.  Luckily, it has just been quick crying and bruises and nothing really major.  Friends came over for cinco de mayo celebration and we ate some good mexican food and then they begged and pleaded to see our horrible Vegas/Elvis wedding video.  It was ridiculous seeing that because we probably haven't watched it in a good 6 or 7 years.  I look so scared and the video quality is horrendous.  Elvis is still amazing.

All in all a nice fun filled packed weekend.  So not looking forward to work tomorrow because it has just been kicking my ass lately and ridiculous things are happening.
Life just hasn't stopped moving for the past month or two.  We bought the house, there was a blizzard the day we were supposed to move.

We moved the next weekend.  That day I woke up sick, with pink eye, and finding out that my grandmother died.  She went into the hospital with a broken hip 2 weeks prior.  Every day she was doing better and going to be sent home shortly and then she'd take a turn for the worse.  She passed away on February 16.  It sucked all around.  I took a week of bereavement days from work.  My boss told me to just stay home, relax, and unpack.  I didn't move off the bed/couch for 2 days.

I'm skipping a lot but I can't really dwell on that right now.  The house is lovely.  There's still a ton of unpacking to do but it's so nice to have space to spread out.

Ziva is amazing.  She talks all the time.  My current favorite phrases of hers: "no, no I don't like it (change out "it" with anything she doesn't feel like doing at that second) and "right there mommy" (when I can't find something and she is clearly smarter than I am.  She giggles she plays she runs she plays tricks on us (or tries to).  She likes to pull a chair up next to me in the kitchen and help me cook.  Yesterday, she helped break all the asparagus stems off.  Today, we made chocolate covered matzoh.  Because it was all hot stuff she mainly just delegated while eating her "biiig cracker".   She's also a crazy little almost two year old and throws amazing tantrums.  We fight and argue but it's more my lack of patience right now and her testing me.

Have I mentioned that I'm pregnant? That would account for the lack of patience. Oh yeah, life has been action packed.  I'm 19 weeks today.  We go tomorrow for the "big" ultrasound.  But we're not finding out what it is again so it's not really THAT big of an ultrasound.  I always thought I'd NEED to know with #2, but I like the idea of not knowing - gives me something to work and push towards.

I feel guilty that I haven't purchased anything for this baby yet.  At this point last time, we bought so much stuff but we just don't need anything right now, we have most everything.  Once the kid comes out, I'm sure I'll think of a bunch of things.  I also have a short (but growing) list on my phone of stuff to pick up but nothing major.  That's what's nice about #2 and also guilt inducing since I'm not just thinking/planning this baby 24/7.  There is too much going on to just focus on being pregnant.  Most times, even though I've been feeling movement for a while, I completely forget I'm pregnant. Then, I have to hike up my ridiculous maternity jeans and I remember, oh yeah, there's another human in there. It really is crazy.
8:30am - Wake up, drop Ziva off at daycare.  Can't fall back asleep so I play around online
10:30 - Mark wakes up, we decide to go out for a lovely pancake breakfast before our final walk-thru at noon
11:45 - arrive a bit early at walk-thru.  THERE IS A MOVING FAN AT THE HOUSE!!!  She is supposed to be OUT of the house because it has fallen into a short sale situation and we need to do a clean walk-thru.
12:01pm - Our realtor's colleague shows up for the walk-thru and sees what is going on (Our realtor was at her Grandma's wake that morning so couldn't make it).  I'm literally vibrating with anger at this point.  I've never wanted to hit someone in my life and I want to shake and possibly punch this lady.  We were supposed to close in NOVEMBER.  We couldn't close last week because she was in Jamaica on vacation.  She cannot pay her mortgage so everything has been put off but can go on vacation.
12:30 - We do a walk-thru with the realtor even though there is all sorts of stuff still in the house.  The movers are visibly drunk and stink of liquor.  Closets are full of clothing.
1:00 - our lawyer is cursing out the seller (to us on the phone).  Tells us the closing, which was scheduled for 2pm has now (obviously) been pushed back to 4pm so she can gtfo.
2:00 Sit in startbucks and enjoy a green tea frap.  Mark turns to me and says "ya know, the house is really nice, I really like it".  I should hope so!  Do you know how much money we're spending??
2:45 - we go back to the house because she said she would be out no later than 2pm.  The moving truck is closing up and pulling away.  Oh wait, ANOTHER moving truck pulls up.  I shit you not.  We call lawyer again. 
3:30pm -  Lawyer talks us out of smacking the lady, tells Mark to go and ask her when she'll actually be out. She says to Mark: "Stop rushing me!  You can't rush me out of my house!  I need time to get out. I'm not going to the closing I already signed all my papers."  No, this is no longer your house, you picked 1/30 to close, gtfo.  We leave because the closing is 30 minutes away.  Mark's dad goes to the house, makes sure she gets out and gets the key from her.
4:25 - We actually begin signing papers.  Everyone on "her side" is apologizing to us for the craziness we've dealt with over the 4 months. 
4:45 - Her lawyer asks us for $900 because she just filled the oil tank up and we're supposed to pay her for it.  I politely say "no thank you"  Both lawyers look at me like I"m cuckoo bananas.  Mark and I start listing all sorts of stuff wrong with the house (nothing at all big, we just wrote down EVERY LITTLE THING).  Her lawyer leaves to make some phone calls and see what he can do.
4:50 - Lawyer asks us to split it 50/50.  We say no, thank you.  Our lawyer chimes in and mentions every stupid thing we've been through over the past 4 months.
4:55 - Her lawyer makes another phone call and tells us we're good to go.
5:00 - everything is signed and we own the house!

After we walked out, I just immediately felt lighter.  That's the only way I can describe it.  We immediately went and changed the locks on all the doors.  In the end, because of the short sale and waiting and bs, we ended up saving around $8000.  Not too shabby.  Not bad at all. 

I'm packing like a mad woman and Mark has been painting like a mad man.  We weren't going to repaint all the ceilings but, he figured we might as well just do it now and get it over and done with.  We're moving in on Feb 9 and hopefully the condo will be rented out quickly because the thought of paying 2 mortgages is rather scary.
There has been a whole heck of a lot going on the past few weeks/months since I posted.  I think I last posted when we were heading to Disneyworld?  Oh geez.  It was fun.  We've been back for like 2.5 months.

We're finally closing on the house today.  The final walk through is at 12 and then we go sign the dreaded paperwork at 2pm.  Moving day is February 9 so I really need to get my butt in gear and pack more but I've been hesitant since this seller is taking forever with everything and I'm still slightly worried she won't even show up to closing - although a coworker who lives down the block said it looked like she was moving.  So, that's a positive. Plus, waiting 2 months somehow saved us $6500 in costs and closing costs, so that's not too shabby at all.

Once we close, we're painting as many rooms as possible in the new house.  Then, once we move, Mark gets to come back and repaint the condo - ya know, get rid of the bright green and teal in Ziva's room so it's a little more renting friendly.  Then, we become landlords (ideally very quickly) and this condo gets rented out.  Then it's back to the house and fixing up the apartment that's in there and, hopefully, get that rented quickly as well.  With both places rented, we'll be paying a lot less money to live in a 5 bedroom house than we were paying for a 2 bedroom condo.  That's the ideal anyway.  Any income from the apartment in the house will be awesome to help fix up random things in the house.  Everything is livable but we definitely want to update the bathrooms at some point and kitchen way down the line.  For now, we're getting new appliances and trying to update the kitchen a bit- maybe new countertops or backsplash?  I don't know, we'll see how annoying it is once we're actually in there and everything.  We lived with fake brick walls and a very bad faux wood countertop for 6 years here, I'm sure we'll be fine. 

It is really sad to leave my pretty new kitchen and just this place as a whole.  But, the thought of living in a 2 bedroom condo for the rest of my life is much scarier.  We have so outgrown this place and we're ready to move on to the forever home.  Who knows, if we still have the condo in another 20-30 years, we can downgrade and move back in :)


Nov. 9th, 2012 09:50 pm
Sooo, haven't posted in a while and I won't be posting for another week because we're heading to Disney tomorrow!

I said I would never go to Disneyworld with a baby in diapers but, well, things change once that baby is here, don't they?  I'm excited and sooo looking forward to a week off of work as well.  There is so much stuff in our luggage.   I did fine packing my stuff but I worry that Ziva MIGHT need this and that and this other thing and oh no, what about some extra cheerios JUST IN CASE.  Can't forget a spare blanket for her and clothes and her elmo doll or the teddy bear?  Do I bring bother or just one and then it turns into a giant bag and a medium bag and a carryon and and and and and...

And, then I just realized we need the stroller and diaper bag too ahhhh  I'm hemming and hawwing over whether or not I should bring her carrier.  She hasn't been in it forever but on the last plane ride it was great to strap her onto me and force her into a nap.  So, do I take up some valuable carryon space for a carrier I may or may not use? 

I don't knowwww. 

disney disney disney
Positive and Negative:
 - I was sick for two weeks after my birthday.  That was rather stinky.  I was feeling better and now today I'm freezing and thinking I'm probably getting sick again now.
 + Ziva gives the most adorable baby kisses *muah* and blowing kisses when either Mark or I are leaving and she does it for other people too which is incredibly sweet.
-/+ we've been going back and forth with a house for like 2 weeks now?  Basically, everything they've told us has ended up being a lie so that's rather shady BUT we really like the house, the location, and the size of the house (its a 5 bedroom house which means we'll never grow out of it but it's also oil so paying oil for that house just kind of hurts.)
- Layla needs a whole bunch of teeth pulled.  Apparently, they are horrible and we're bad cat owners for not even noticing.  The vet said it would be $1000 after charging us around $500 for bloodwork and tests that all turned out perfectly fine.  We went to a different vet and now Layla has an appointment for Wednesday to remove some of her teeth and they'll see what they can do.  This place that is only charging us between $300-400 for the whole shebang and that final cost just depends on how many teeth are pulled.  The lady was super super nice and said that, unfortunately for her, her teeth her loose already, fortunately for us, that means it's cheaper to remove them.
+ Ziva had her 15 month check up and shots.  She did amazingly.  I love that the doctor comes to our house.  It's so nice and relaxed and she can easily see what Ziva can/can't do.  It was funny when she walked in and Ziva was running past the door and she just went "Oh, great, we're running, you're in for it now!". Her stats are 32" tall and 24lbs6oz.  I don't remember her head size but I know her gigantic head is still in the 85%.  So, all in all, she's doing great.
+ We got the new iPhones, on day 1 of course because Mark is ridiculous.  Its nice and sooo much lighter.  The camera is also such a huge difference from the 4 that we had.

I'm tired, that's about it.  I've been reading but been horrible at commenting.
So that house is a no-go.  It was on the market for 6 months with no takers.  All of a sudden 3 offers - we were all at the same and then one person decided to waive an inspection  Seller opted for that one.  I'm totally bummed but, from a seller's perspective, it makes absolute sense.  It was a great house, great property, low taxes, and had an apartment to help with mortgage.  It completely sucks but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  Granted, those people could somehow decide not to sign the contract and it could come back to us but I'm not going to hold my breath.

This all happend on my birthday which kinda stunk.  Then we went out and celebrated with friends and good food.  Ziva slept at my in-laws for the night (first time ever!).  She did fine.  I was all weirded out.  They didn't believe us when we said she sleeps in on the weekends.  She woke up around 7:30, Steve went in, Ziva took one look at him and went back to sleep.  Around 8:30 or so she got up.  They then gave her a nap at 9:45.  She pretty much only naps once a day now so I was worried about that.  Anyway, we went for a hot stone massage and facials on Saturday and then as the day progressed I just felt myself getting sicker.  Temp (when I checke it) only went up to 100.5 but I was getting shivers and sweats and all that fun stuff.  Today has been a lounging day.

Ziva is awesome.  She gives hugs and kisses now - even says muah when she kisses.  She can point out her (or your) belly, eyes, nose, feet, mouth, and brain.  Brain amuses me. We're working on ear.  I showed it to her and she showed it to me a few minutes later but that was the only time I tried. She can say mama, dad, uppa (up), duck, more, nana (banana), night night, elmo, and uh oh very consistently.  I feel like Im forgetting other words - she no longer says cooper or dog which is weird.  She points out ducks and quacks.  She can moo like a cow but sometimes says mmmmm instead of mooo which makes me laugh.  She will also say "baa" but can't figure out how to oink like a pig.  She can run, wave, clap, point, shake her head yes or no (and mean it), go upstairs and down (if it's just one stair she can easily go up/down otherwise she crawls) sign more and all done.  She does another sign too but I have no idea what it is.  I'm guessing daycare taught it to her?  Need to ask them about that.  She picks out her shoes every day and will match up our shoes into pairs and wants to decide what ones we should wear as well.

I also realized that I make a lot of random sound effects through out the day.  I know this now because Ziva copies most of them.  It's pretty funny.  She laughs all the time.  Even if I just pretend to tickle her she cracks up.  She's a very happy girl but can also throw her serious face at you when she wants something and you are just not getting it.



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