Yesterday I decided I really don't like the new realtor that we're using.  She was arguing with me and talking down to me.  Yes, that is a great way to get me to buy a house from you.  Mark took her side even though we had discussed all of this beforehand.  I stopped talking to both of them and started texting Tiffany instead.  Because I'm such a mature adult.  I figured it was better to text my anger to a friend than to yell at the realtor that she was an annoying stupid bitch and that I hope her cruise sucks because I hate the cruiseline she's going on.  Ya know, normal rants right?  I think I'm pmsing?  I looked into becoming a realtor myself because it's obviously not that hard if the vast majority of them are raving morons.  Maybe I'll get off my tush and actually do something and look more into getting my real estate license.  I'm lazy though.

Today at work was quite lovely.  I avoided doing any actual concrete work in the morning - always a plus.  At lunch time, we went to meet a brand new baby girl.  She was so sweet and so tiny!  She turned a week old today and is probably right around 4.5lbs.  I was all omg Ziva was never this tiny!   That's because she wasn't.  She was born at 8lb 1oz.  Even with weight loss she never dipped below 7lbs.  So crazy to see this tiny little human being.  It made me want a little baby of my own even though I don't really want a newborn.  I'd love a 2- 3 month old and to skip those first few weeks.  But those weeks are so sweet too.  Oh man, we need a house and to get so much more done before #2.

After baby meeting, we stopped at a deli to grab sandwiches and then had lunch on picnic tables out in the sun with a cool breeze blowing.  So nice.  Then we realized we had definitely gone over our lunch hour so we went back to work and pretty much immediately started setting up for a baby shower.  Well, it's not really a "baby" shower but one of our coworkers is adopting a little boy from China.  I think it's so awesome.  She was completely shocked and surprised and got a whole bunch of great gifts.  My now semi famous peanut butter brownies were a hit and the only thing to actually disappear at the party.  It was nice spending time with the good coworkers and just talking about how we really are a nice little disfunctional family.  It helped that most people that I personally don't like were unable to attend the party.

Oh, and it looks like we're not getting that house.  We put in a low ball offer, we raised 20k - they countered by dropping their price 6k.  They want close to asking.  I'm not willing to give anything close to asking in this market especially since that house was not 100% the one.  If the master bedroom was a foot or two bigger, it would've been closer to perfect.  But its not and we keep on looking.  And keep on trying out realtors until we find someone we like.



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