Apr. 15th, 2007 07:02 pm
i'm very very tired. today was a very busy day.

i woke up at about 12:45. decided today was the day to make dumplings, gyoza, shumai, and spring rolls. stopped at the supermarket to pick up some more supplies. got home. started cooking and sauteing and sprinkling and combining and bending and folding and crimping and curling and frying and steaming.

by 6 there were, oh i dunno, about 100 (i'm probably exaggerating but there was a ton) random dumpling manifestations wandering around our kitchen and dining room in different stages of doneness.

and then we ate. and ate. and ate some more. oh and i made a tiny microgreen sushi roll just because. and we ate that too.

and then i packed up lunch for me for a few days, packed mark lunch, and stuck a bunch in the freezer and 2 more tupperwares are just in the fridge.

i think i might be dumplinged out. but it was actually quite fun and a good way to zone out and relax. although now i'm super tired from making them all.

i made a copy of the gluey tod we had at the thai place on friday. and it was yummy. just put like 3 slices of banana in a wonton wrapper, drizzled with honey, and fried it up. oh so good.

theres probably gonna be a lot of pimples this week by the time we're done eating all the fried goodness.. but its so worth it.



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