so we're home from pa.

we looked at 3 houses yesterday. one we drove up to and just kept driving cause it looked like trash lived there, one we coudln't get into cause the electronic key Anna (real estate agent) didn't work. Good thing Jeph was there.. Anna and him were roaming around the house looking for an open window.. they finally found one and jeph climbed in (yeah, he broke into the house so we could look at it.. such love lol) The house was amazing. It was so ugly i loved it lmao. the kitchen had a beautiful neon yellow orange and white tiled floor which i would never ever change. the basement was turned into a rec room. thats the only way i can describe it. people dont have rec rooms anymore.. this was a rec room. there was a pool table, built in seats, and a bar with swinging door and everything. it was amazing. but the bedrooms were tiny and ugly. it was a pretty ugly house overall actually lol.

the first one we looked at though was really nice. its 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has 1/2 an acre right on the creek. it was actually the only house we've looked at that i could picture living in. and its funny cause my sister is across the street and two houses down. so if we run outta butter all we have to do is yell and get some from my sister :).

who knows though. we should buy it and rent it out though until we figure out if we actually wanna live there.. because its just so pretty and such a good price.

cyle ended up leaving at like 2am and sneaking out of the house. my dad, cyle, and jeph (from those 2 names it really looks like i dont know how to spell) were supposed to go on their iron butt ride but cyle had a hissy fit cause my dad was letting jeph (ya know, his nephew) use his suzuki instead of cyle. cyle is the one who bought a scooter so cyle should ride his own scooter. so stupid.

in other news, mark wants his motorcycle license. oy vey. i'm gonna go find food and talk later.



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