i've been up since 8:45 trying to get tickets to Billy Joel last play at Shea for Mark. Needless to say it didn't happen. They were only being sold thru 507tixx.com and that website sucks major balls. It finally loaded for me about 15 minutes ago to tell me that everything was sold out. it only lets a certain number of people on per minute blah blah blah stupid fuckers.

i bid on some on ebay but they're already up to like $500 and that's a bit crazy.

so then mark woke up and wondered what i was doing because i dont wake up that early on a weekend. and i told him and he just looked bummed that i didn't get any.. which is why i didn't want to tell him what i was trying to do in the first place. so then we found really good tickets for columbus ohio, but who the hell wants to go to ohio?

i have a drs appt at 11 and they're taking my blood and i really dont like that. maybe i can convince mark to go out for pancakes afterwards but i'm not really in the mood for them so probably not.

i walked cooper in my slippers but i didn't realize i was wearing slippers until about halfway through the walk and i almost stepped in some weird looking neon yellow discharge/vomit/something concoction.

and i kept tossing and turning all night. at one point i bolted up at like 3am thinking i had to buy the tickets right then and there. then i kept having these bad dreams abut going on vacation with my mom and we were at someones house (who had two huuuge dog runs in their backyard). we were somewhere south and the people had two dogs so i'm guessing dave and tiffany? but really, no idea lol. and my mom just kept screaming and yelling. about everything. she didn't like the way the person put their dishes (mainly the cups and saucers) in their cabinets so she was yelling at them and then my dad kept going "get in the van bitch we're leaving" and she just kept going on and on then she started yelling about cooper because he wasn't running fast enough in the dog run and that he runs diagonally (he really can't run in a straight line). then she started yelling how she wanted to drive and none of us would let her drive and it wasn't fair and really, why can't they put the cups on the left and the saucers on the right??? and then i woke up a minute before my alarm went off so i could try and get the tickets.

all in all a lovely day today already :)



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