I went to sleep young and woke up old.  I'm now 29.  I may never age again past this point.

We have another offer in with a perfect house.  It's probably going to turn into a bidding war and we will lose it.  I love it.  The last house checked off all the boxes and was good enough but this one is great.  It's an older house and needs some updating - new paint and whatnot, but otherwise everything is great.  Wish us luck.


Sep. 2nd, 2012 08:21 pm
Today we went out for breakfast.  We never do this (and yes, it was at 11:30... but still).  I enjoyed yummy eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast.  How can you complain about a diet like that?

We ended up walking through a street fair.  It was nice but then super duper crowded and hot but at least it was some fresh air.  We were going to go to 2 open houses.  We drove up to the first one and it was too close to the train tracks and on a much busier road than we thought.  The other one Mark went into while I stayed with a still sleeping Ziva in the car.  He said it sucked so I didn't bother going in either.  We're meeting with the new realtor again on Wednesday.  Last week was 5 craptastic houses.  I have no idea how people live in a vast majority of the houses we see. 

Then we did some random shopping and returning.  Went to Once Upon a Baby and bought 2 dresses for next spring and a leap frog caterpiller toy.  It has A-Z on it's feet and you can have it say the letter, the sound, or the color of the foot.  I remember Rebecca had it and it made laugh so much because it will not curse.  If you go to press A then S, it says "ahh" and then starts giggling.  Same for F, then U, if you try to press C or K it just giggles.  It's so pointless and Ziva can't be bothered with it (yet) but it was well worth the $4 price tag to make me laugh again.  I think she'll like it one day and I'm going to try real hard not to make it say inappropriate things around Ziva.  

I feel like I had something else to say but I can't remember what it was.

I think because I've been really horrible at posting that I forgot to mention that I joined Weight Watchers back in July.  I'm going with a coworker so we keep each other a bit more accountable.  This is great beacuse we eat breakfast and lunch together 5 days a week so that's 10 meals a week right there that I'm generally okay.  We're also actually going to meetings which I've never done before. 

I gained 2lbs last week.  I decided I really don't want someone telling me I gained weight.  If it's just me stepping on a scale at home, I can easily lie and pretend that number doesn't exist.  Can't do that when someone else is weighing you.  I lost 4.8lbs this week.  Brings my total lost since July 3 to 16.4lbs.  I'm happy about that. 

Summer does make it so much easier to eat healthier.  Overabundance of yummy fruits and veggies and who wants to eat heavy and/or fried food when its 90 degrees out?  But, let's just hope I can keep this going because it feels nice.  It's so silly that they give you stickers from random things, but once I had one I was like I NEED MORE STICKERS!  I now have 3 5lb stickers, a 5% loss sticker, and a little Bravo sticker for sharing something great at a meeting.  It's so cheesy but seeing a visual representation really works.
I'm trying to do better at updating.

We went raspberry and blackberry picking today and it was lovely but super hot.  We only picked for about an hour and ended up walking out with less than a lb of berries.  This is all because Ziva apparently loves blackberries and raspberries and probably ate about a pound herself while walking around picking.  I was trying to teach her the difference between ripe and unripe and show her how the ripe ones just slide off into your hand very easy. 

She's 14 months old, she didn't really understand that concept and was kinda pissed off when she'd try to bit into a super unripe berry.  Either way it was a nice time 

We also picked up a bushel of tomatoes.  I did that last year and I really wanted to again.  Apparently, this will be our yearly family tradition haha  So we have a ton of tomatoes, a ton of jalapeno peppers, basil, fresh mozzarella, peaches, parmesan cheese, bananas (no, those were not locally grown), broccoli, corn, and this giant squash that is taller than Ziva but was only 1.50 so I couldn't walk away from it.

Even with all the fresh deliciousness in the house, we're totally going out to a sushi buffet for dinner tonight.  I'm totally okay with that :)
Yesterday I decided I really don't like the new realtor that we're using.  She was arguing with me and talking down to me.  Yes, that is a great way to get me to buy a house from you.  Mark took her side even though we had discussed all of this beforehand.  I stopped talking to both of them and started texting Tiffany instead.  Because I'm such a mature adult.  I figured it was better to text my anger to a friend than to yell at the realtor that she was an annoying stupid bitch and that I hope her cruise sucks because I hate the cruiseline she's going on.  Ya know, normal rants right?  I think I'm pmsing?  I looked into becoming a realtor myself because it's obviously not that hard if the vast majority of them are raving morons.  Maybe I'll get off my tush and actually do something and look more into getting my real estate license.  I'm lazy though.

Today at work was quite lovely.  I avoided doing any actual concrete work in the morning - always a plus.  At lunch time, we went to meet a brand new baby girl.  She was so sweet and so tiny!  She turned a week old today and is probably right around 4.5lbs.  I was all omg Ziva was never this tiny!   That's because she wasn't.  She was born at 8lb 1oz.  Even with weight loss she never dipped below 7lbs.  So crazy to see this tiny little human being.  It made me want a little baby of my own even though I don't really want a newborn.  I'd love a 2- 3 month old and to skip those first few weeks.  But those weeks are so sweet too.  Oh man, we need a house and to get so much more done before #2.

After baby meeting, we stopped at a deli to grab sandwiches and then had lunch on picnic tables out in the sun with a cool breeze blowing.  So nice.  Then we realized we had definitely gone over our lunch hour so we went back to work and pretty much immediately started setting up for a baby shower.  Well, it's not really a "baby" shower but one of our coworkers is adopting a little boy from China.  I think it's so awesome.  She was completely shocked and surprised and got a whole bunch of great gifts.  My now semi famous peanut butter brownies were a hit and the only thing to actually disappear at the party.  It was nice spending time with the good coworkers and just talking about how we really are a nice little disfunctional family.  It helped that most people that I personally don't like were unable to attend the party.

Oh, and it looks like we're not getting that house.  We put in a low ball offer, we raised 20k - they countered by dropping their price 6k.  They want close to asking.  I'm not willing to give anything close to asking in this market especially since that house was not 100% the one.  If the master bedroom was a foot or two bigger, it would've been closer to perfect.  But its not and we keep on looking.  And keep on trying out realtors until we find someone we like.
Oh hey, so it's been what like 6 weeks now? 

No bites on the house - which is to be expected since it's a condo and you can get houses for the same price nowadays.  Soooo, it looks like, according to the bank, we can swing another mortgage and are now looking into a house.  We'll rent out the condo and hopefully it pays for itself or comes within like $100-200 at least.  Even being out $200 a month on the condo makes sense at this point since houses are so cheap.  By the time we'll be able to get what we paid for the condo, houses will be back over $400k-$500k and I just don't think we'll ever be able to afford that ridiculousness.

We put an offer in on a house yesterday.  Total low ball offer just to see what they would say.  They said no way.  We went up 20k but we're still around 50k less than their asking price.  They're going to counter tomorrow.  So who knows.  I really really love the common areas, nice backyard, and huuuge deck.  It has an apartment which would totally help with rent when we decide to have #2.  I love that it has a brand new kitchen/living room/dining room and then a seperate den downstairs for toys and random stuff and still has that apartment.  It was flipped so everything is new/updated which is a nice perk.  I wish the taxes were lower (thank you long island for $10,200 taxes), that the bedrooms were bigger (it's going to be a squeeze to get all of our furniture in one room), and that it was like one street over since, even though it's actually quiet, it's only like a block away from a pretty major road.  I guess it's actually simliar to where we are now, but it worries me with the dog running out.  We've lucked out with the condo that he's only run INTO the complex and not out to the main road.  We'd probably get one of those inisible fences though and hope he doesn't break through.  On a positive note, it's super close to a whole bunch of places.  There's a daycare within walking distance but I can still easily get to Ziva's current daycare because it's on the way to/from work.

So, I tried talking to my mom about this but she just brought up going to PA and asked why I haven't visited.  I refuse to go back out there until the horrible situation is taken care of.  She is just not freaking getting it at all.  My grandparents and aunt are going out there and since I refuse to go there and be part of that situation or, god forbid, put my daughter in a dangerous position, I'm going to be the asshole.  It'll suck to spend Rosh Hashanah without my family espeically when they're all together but it's what I need to do.  This has cemented that I don't want to live with them and that I need to be on my own like I have been because it's just not a good situation right now.  I can't deal with the crazy.  I've stopped calling.  I've tried to stop caring.  I just really can't at this point.  There's too much other random crap going on.

So yeah.  I should try to update more often.
So, there's so much I want to write and so much I have to write.  So many happy wonderful great amazing things.  Ziva walking, talking, being ONE.  Her amazing birthday party.  Our wonderful friends and family helping out (and buying great gifts).  Her amazing birthday cake that I felt so guilty throwing away the last few slices because it was so perfect.  Watcing her learn and interact with the world.

The great time we had in Baltimore at the Fest.  Ziva was a hit, she loved watching the bands (especially drummers) and the photo booth.  She jumped off my lap at one point and ran over to get her photos taken.  Even got her photo taken with some bands.  Watching big "scary" looking punk rock guys (and ladies) ohh and ahh and talk gibberish to a one yr old little girl is absolutely adorable. 

This is a pic when she ran over, and posed.  I mean seriously?  C'mon!  How cute is she?  It was great (and she slept in until 9:30 every day!)

But, then there's those moments that change your lives forever.  The happy ones - walking down the aisle, peeing on a stick and finding out you're pregnant, hearing that first newborn cry.  All amazing things. But, of course there's always the horrible horrible ones as well.  The ones where you just want to yell at the asshole who ruined your sister's life.  The asshole who made it so nothing will ever be the same again.  I don't want to think about that and I don't want to write about that yet, it's all that's on my mind right now. 

I want to think happy thoughts and funny thoughts.  Like, for breakfast Ziva ate an entire english muffin.  She then proceeded to steal my eggs and cherries because mommy's food always tastes better than what's on her plate.  Ziva waking up from her nap with daddy and immediately reaching for me to pick her up.  Ziva walking all by herself out to the car today like a big big girl.  She even sat down to climb up the 2" step and then sat back down to climb down the 2" step.  It was adorable and wonderful watching her discover the world.  She quacked at the ducks at the ecology site today.  She pointed to the cow and the bears and deer (yes, its a weird array of animals).  She even stared at the bald eagle while we explained the 4th of July. 

But, in the back of all this wonderfulness is an asshole ruining it all.  Just in the back of my head whatever I'm doing throughout the day.  I want to be there with my sister.  It's times like these that I feel horrible for not living in PA and for staying on Long Island.  I told her we should move down south, somewhere warm and cheap and she can start over and we'll be together.  This asshole has ruined her life in a moment (at this point we've found out it's been a few moments).  In that instant that we found out everything changed.  That's horrible.
Happy Birthday, Ziva!  You are one!

My baby girl is one, how did this happen?
June 4 was my due date last year.  It's weird thinking where I was a year ago.  Still pregnant.  Very pregnant.  Still working and going about business as usual.  Knowing I'd go past my due date but not thinking it would be 2 weeks later.

On related news, Ziva is my little snickerdoodle.  Such a sweetie.  I don't remember the last update about her.  Did I mention she's walking now?  I guess for about 2 weeks?  She only falls now when she's super excited and starts trying to run.  She has her molars also.  So six teeth in total - four front teeth and top molars - she needs some middle teeth haha. 

We booked Disney World in November and I booked my trip to Tampa also.  Tampa in July sounds a little bit like hell but we'll see Ilene so it'll be nice.  We're just going Saturday-Tuesday.  Mark will be going the prior Sunday for a work thing.  So, I'll be alone with her for a week and then flying alone for Ziva's first flight.  It'll be interesting and I might cry at some point.  I'm nervous.  I don't know why, she's a good, no, great kid, she's easy and she goes to sleep by 8pm.  So, even if it's a horrible night, she's sleeping by 8 or 8:30.  I forsee a bunch of online shopping in my future on those nights :)
- We booked our trip to Disney World!!  Just waiting on flights and hoping for free meal deals.

- Trying to figure out when to go to Tampa to visit Ilene in July - in the beginning or the end of Mark's work trip.

- My dad wants to whole family to go down to Jacksonville for Rosh Hashanah in September to spend it with his sister/family- so that may mean a third trip to Florida without visiting my grandparents.

- Apparently, there was a HUGE fight yesterday with my aunt and mom/sister and they all think she's an asshole (she is) and doesn't let us see our grandparents (which is also true). 
Ziva's birthday party is coming along.  I have no idea how much money we've spent because I've been getting a bit here and a bit there.  Colors are hot pink, aqua, black, and white so EVERYTHING has to match.. because I'm crazy.  We even have a fully matching candy bar which will look adorable even though Ziva will have no interest in the actual candy.  It's going to look great.  I'm getting excited.  And scared.  And nervous.  My baby girl is going to be one :(

It's official.  She's walking.  Walking, falling, running.. going going gone.  So big. Eats everything and is such a happy little peanut.

Mark decided he hated our showerhead, couch, and stroller this weekend.  Bought a new showerhead (its lovely), drilled holes in my couch and then BOLTED the pieces of the sectional together and more holes in the feet of the couch and wire tied that together.. yeah.  I just ordered the City Mini stroller.  Mark decided he loved it at Tiffany's house today so I just bought it.  Might as well.  Only live once and might as well get it on the ridiculously high credit card bill we have going on this month.  Ziva's birthday party might be contributing to that bill... but all that's left is food and that's last minute so that's not really bad at all.

Also, we might be going to Disneyworld in November.  I know I said I'd never go with a kid in diapers but, if we are going to go, it would make the most sense to go with a bunch of friends who we really enjoy spending time with (and that have adorable kids of their own so they wont mind as much if ours are cranky or vice versa).  I have to make sure I can get the time off of work but, at this point, it just makes sense.  Plus, we can use the snazzy new stroller in Disney.  Ziva will be 17 months so, while she won't really remember it, it should be a good age for fun and walking and being excited about Mickey et al.

Might be going to Tampa in July to visit Ilene - not sure about that yet.  Need to find some time to visit my grandparents in Florida as well otherwise I will get a lot of shit for going down there twice and not seeing them at all.  Also need to figure out what I'm doing about the fest.  Sightseeing alone in baltimore is apparently not that safe for a lady but bringing a baby (toddler?!) to a 12 hr music fest for 3 days straight isn't really my idea of fun.  Lots to figure out and lots of money to spend.  Yay.
Ziva has been nodding "yes" for a few weeks now and it's adorable.  This past weekend she learned to shake her head "no".  It's hyterical.

At dinner last night she had a biscuit, broccoli, chicken, and chick peas (it was a random meal that night).  I would sneak broccoli on her tray and she would eat everything around it.  Finally, I put a piece on my fork and offered it to her - she loves to eat anything off of my fork.  She was excited, opened her mouth, grabbed the bite of broccoli, chomped down and then made a horrified face.  As if we were giving her poison.  She shook her head no repeatedly, pulled out the broccoli and promptly leaned over her high chair and handed it to Cooper.

A few bites later I tried again, this time I handed her the fork, she examined it (guess she didn't trust me anymore haha), saw the broccoli, shook her head No again and dropped it on the floor. 

It's cute, don't get me wrong.  But I think I prefer the Yes to the No.  She also does fake sneezes which are adorable and hides in the curtains in our bedrooms and starts banging on the sliding glass door to the balcony until I go WHERE IS ZIVA?!
We had a very lovely weekend. 

Friday we went out to a hibachi place for Scott's 13th birthday.  It was good and fun but I feel like the staff were rushing us out.  Saturday, I got to sleep in as usual and then we quickly went to Mark's doctor appointment.  No, I don't usually go to them but afterwards we picked up some desserts and headed over to Linda and Phil's so we could finally meet baby Gabriel.

I swear, Ziva was NEVER that small.  He's up to 8lbs 7oz so I do realize that Ziva was smaller at birth and then with all the weight she lost but, seriously, I don't ever remember holding a baby that small.  Somehow Mackenzie was almost half that size since she was just around 5lbs.  So crazy.  Seriously though, Ziva was never that small.  While I'm holding Gabriel, Ziva is just sitting on Mark's lap watching everything.  At one point, she crawls down, grabs onto the ottoman and cruises over to me.  She did her take 1-2 steps thing because she needed to get to me.  Linda was like "oh no no no don't tell me he's going to be doing that this quickly!  I can't handle it, I'm a new mom!"  Yup, so so quickly.  I can't even wrap my head around it. 

We came home, got to see Jenn for a short while because she was coming over to babysit because we were going out again.  I don't know when we became such social butterflies.  We went to a German restaurant with a bunch of people for a 35th birthday celebration which was also super fun and lots of laughs and quite tasty.  We need to see Jenn soon because I wanted to spend more time with her but she was stuck babysitting my kid and then wanted to go to sleep since she had a long day herself.

Sunday was Mother's day.  I got to sleep in again but could only sleep until like 9:30 anyway.  Ziva got me a lovely card with her handprints and a beautiful necklace.  Mark is getting my car detailed which I'm so excited about since I think it smells.  He wants to get all the scratches and whatnot buffed out but, really, I don't look at the outside so those don't bother me.  The stains on the seats and the dirty floor mats I see every day - that I want cleaned. 

We went out for brunch with just Mark's mom, me, Ziva, and Mark.  It was lovely.  So much less stress and everything involved when Bobbe isn't around.  Mark's mom even remarked at one point that she was shocked Ziva was sitting in her high chair.  Nope, she loves high chairs - she doesn't like Bobbe groping at her or being in her face.  After brunch we completely avoided Bobbe's Mother's Day party and instead went to Party City and started buying some things for Ziva's party.

My kid is going to be one.  WTF?  The invitations are currently being printed and I love them.  It is costing us a ridiculous amount of money to get them printed because Mark and I designed them and I needed them printed out on stationary cardstock as a 5x7 and, of course Walmart was the cheapest but whenever we uploaded the picture it was all blurry.  I'm crazy and ridiculous, but at least I know I am. 

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging on the couch and then Mark went and got us ice cream sundaes to close out the day.

Just an all around really nice weekend. Next weekend, Ziva has a photo shoot/cake smash.  I'm excited and nervous that she'll freak out and we won't get any good shots.
We went to my parent's house this past weekend.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal.  My sister did not end up getting pedicures with my mom and me.  We went out for shabu shabu for dinner for our anniversary on Saturday night and Jeanette watched Ziva.  She had a good time - Ziva did too haha.  She also somehow managed to make dinner, babysit my child, watch her own child (a 4 yr old), and bake and decorate a 2 tiered cake for our 7th anniversary.  I don't know how she does it but I was highly impressed.  Seriously, we were gone for maybe 3 hours.

Speaking of which, Mark and I have been married for 7 years.  Holy crap.  Seven years ago, we were dressed ridiculously getting married and laughing in Las Vegas while Elvis Presley pronounced us man and wife.  For our anniversary, my parents got us a 4 ft tall velvet painting of Elvis.  Yep, that is correct.  It is all sorts of awesome and amazing and ridiculous haha

On Monday, Cooper escaped from my parents house.  The stress of running thru the woods and streets and mountains looking for a little dog was too much.  I was hysterical crying when I saw him go running to the cemetary which is where Cody was hit and killed by a car about 10 years ago.  Luckily and thankfully Mark caught him and he's okay but it led to a huge fight between everyone.  We were all yelling and crying.  My mom and I got out a lot of pent up anger and resentment that we've apparently both been holding against each other for the past year.  So, while emotionally draining, it was also quite cathartic and I guess a good thing.  Who knows, we'll see if anything changes although I'm doubtful.

Back home and back to reality.  Ziva is amazing and she keeps "falling with style".. other people may call this taking 1-3 steps but I'm sad that my little peanut is big enough to walk and I'm equally excited and equally freaked out.  It's so amazing to think of the little lump she was just a few short months ago.  Amazing.  That's really the only way to describe the whole experience. 
Ziva's rash is finally cleared.  There's still a spot on her that's like a healing cut so she's not 100% perfect yet but doing much better.  She had also stopped drooling/teething for a few days so that helped.  She started chewing on her hand again and was soo soo cranky.  So, I loaded her up with cream tonight just in case.

We're going out to my parents this weekend.  We haven't gone there since January.  My dad texted my directions, i told him he was an ass.  I called my mom to see if she wanted to do mother/daughter pedicures and lunch since I won't be there for mother's day and we never spend alone time together.  She was all excited and we made the appts.  Tonight, she calls and asks if Melissa can come too.  Apparently, Melissa gave Mark a bunch of shit recently how I dont go out there or spend time with my mother.  So, I specifically make plans with her and then Melissa invites herself along?  Oh, thank you.  She fucking lives 8 houses away and sees our parents on a daily basis - I can't have an hour or two alone? She's turning into Meryl.  I told my mom it was her choice, Im not going to start a fight or anything.

We had an Open House last weekend.  Four people, 2 realtors, and a nosy neighbor came through.  At least it was something.  Last week when the house was a horrible horrible mess someone wanted to see it at 4pm.  I told them it was a huge mess and no one would be home to grab the dog.  The realtor was a little bitchy.  Oh, yes, how dare I have a 9-5 job and be at work like the vast majority of America.  Sorry, buddy.  They have a key, they could've gone in.  Instead he ended up calling our realtor and just saying they will reschedule since they're not even that serious right now.  Of course youre not serious, get a job, get a mortgage preapproval, and THEN look at houses. 

Linda gave birth this past Saturday.  She ended up with a c-section which makes me sad but she's doing great breastfeeding which makes me happy.  As long as she's up for it, we'll stop and visit and meet the little baby boy on the way to my parents on Friday.


Apr. 24th, 2012 07:56 am
I'm so so tired.  The baby slept all night but Mark was up with stomach issues.  Yes, he is super tired and totally worn out - I understand that.  But, every time he'd come back into the bedroom, he'd talk to me and I'd ask how he was doing. 

So yeah, I'm tired today.

I also have a big pile of stuff to do at work that really needs to get done and not just mushed around to the side and made into different piles.. which I might have done for the past few days...

Happy Tuesday.


Apr. 23rd, 2012 09:08 pm
So, it's been a while. Sorry. 

Ziva is still pretty darn awesome.  She's has the worst yeasty diaper rash ever.  She's teething (a molar?!) so she's super drooly and so every time we think the rash is getting better, she poops, and all hell breaks loose.  It's lovely.  She currently has a rotation of nystatin, a bacterial cream, calmoseptine (used for bed sores), and desitin ultra max.  We've changed diapers, giving tons of oatmeal baths and lots of naked baby play time (knock wood no poops on the floor... yet).  We're on day 12.  Poor poor kid.  Once a diaper change is over, you wouldn't even know since she's just super happy.

We went to Mystic, CT last week for a very relaxing vacation.  Went to see the old town, submarine museum, aquarium, and to Mystic Seaport. Went in the pool - Ziva was all "what is this??  a giant bath tub??  I LOVE IT!".  Ate Thai, Lebanese, burgers, and ice cream.  Fun family vacation and super relaxing because we were there for 4.5 days and that's all we did.  It was nice but now I want to go away again.  Isn't that always the way it is?

Work has the usual drama, as always.  Two people have looked at our house.  One didn't like it because we own cats and the other liked a condo that was $50,000 cheaper but has no money to put down on a house so pretty much they're just wasting everyone's time.  We think we're just going to leave it on the market through the summer and then move on with our lives - i.e. redo the downstairs bathroom and reorganize and give a lot of stuff away.  One day we'll move.. maybe now.. maybe in like 8 years. 


Pictures! )
This status:

If anyone knows someone who wants a puppy please let me know. I have a 10lb Shiffon (Brussels Griffon/Schnauzer mix) won't get much bigger than that maybe up to 12 lbs - 9 months old. We rescued him from a petshop but honestly don't have the time with an infant in the house to properly train him. Please PM me!

This was posted by a girl who bought a puppy about 2 years ago.  Decided it was too big for her small apartment so she dropped it off at the pound.  A few months ago she bought another puppy and now wants to get rid of it instead of train it. 
First of all, you didn't RESCUE him from a pet shop -  you purchased him.  Second, if you do not have the time with an infant and a small child - don't buy the dog.  If you NEED a dog, go to a kill shelter and actually save a dog.  Better yet, get an older one that's fully trained.

Schmuck.  I hate this girl.
Yesterday, Ziva turned 9 months old!  It was gorgeous outside and we wanted to go to the ecology site but apparently it's only open during the week over winter.. that makes sense, right?  Instead, we went to the playground and went on the swings, the slides, climbed through tubes, went on the see saw, and crawled in the sand.  We went to a friends house for dinner so Ziva got to play with her BFF Sophie and they both wore each other out.

Ziva had coxsackie last week/this week.  I don't know when it started because she was acting completely fine (which is apparently not usually the case and kids are miserable).  On Sunday night/Monday morning, she had a rash in the diaper area.  She had eaten cherries for the first time so we thought maybe that was the culprit since she was otherwise acting normal.  Monday she was okay.  Tuesday around 10:30 I get a call from daycare saying it looks like she has coxsackie and she needs to leave because, if it is, she's super contagious.  I make a drs appt and go pick her up.

The dr barely looks at her, gets a phone calls, leaves the room, and then goes into the next patients room.  A nurse came in with a note for daycare saying she has a viral rash and it should clear up in 3-10 days and that's when she can go back.. then she walks out.  So, I can't ask any questions and all I'm thinking is 10 days??  If I had somewhere to put my kid for 10 days, I wouldn't need daycare.

We ended up calling a nurse practitioner that actually comes to your house.  Over the phone, she asked some questions and said "with spots on her hands it's either syphillis or coxsackie, I highly doubt your 9 month old has syphillis"  Already, she has spent more time examining my daughter and we've just been on othe phone for 8 minutes.  She came Wednesday morning - Ziva has coxsackie (once the rash appears they are no longer contagious so, unfortunatly, the kids at daycare have already been exposed but she can go back), thrush (which accounts for the terrible breath and diaper rash  - the other dr didn't even look in her mouth), and a molar coming in (AHH!  which accounts for the massive amounts of drool).  Loved the nurse.. she played with Ziva, was here for over an hour, and the whole visit was much more relaxed since she was in her own environment. 

So, Ziva at 9 months is a ball of energy.  I feel like she's slowed down on physical things and is working much more on verbal stuff now.  She's the fastest crawler in the universe, she knows how to crawl upstairs (i have no idea how to teach her down the stairs but the baby gate is up so she doesnt go near them without us), she stands (and has stood without leaning on things for a few seconds but she doesn't realize she's doing it), she cruises along everything.  Ziva likes to steal Cooper's toys and then he runs after her barking and licking her face.  The two of them together is adorable. 

She waves hello and goodbye like the Queen, will clap if you sing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!", she dances and bounces, and makes a funny face when you go "ahhh" because she tries to imitate you.  In the past week she learned to say "mamamama".  She was still pretty much just saying babababa all the time but now has moved on to baba, mama, yaya, gaga in the past few days.  She's constantly talking and chattering away and trying to figure out noises.  She will look straight at me and say what sounds like "mom mom" but who knows if she actually knows that's me.  Mark keeps saying "dada" to her now and I just say "not mama".. she has said what sounds like "na ma ma" a few times which I think is hysterical.  Mark probably doesn't though. 

She's the happiest girl and is constantly laughing and smiling.  Even when she falls and hurts herself, usually she's up and laughing within seconds.  She's super ticklish and has the sweetest laugh.  She loves being tickled and rolls herself into a ball but when I stop she stares until I do it again.  She will eat anything and everything you give her.  At some meals, I'm convinced she eats more than I do but, at least to other people, she's still a tiny little peanut.  She's right around 20lbs now.  We'll have a well check up in a eek or two so I'll get the official stats then.
Oh!  And, while getting the house ready for the Open House (i.e. packing up the cats and dog and all their belongings so people think this is a wonderful pet free home), Mark's car was hit out in our parking lot.  No note or anything.  We have 3 cars - a honda, a nissan, and an audi.  Of course, they had to hit the freaking Audi TT.  The most expensive car to fix. 

Heck, if it were my car, I probably would just buy a can of spray paint and call it a day.  I feel like this TT has cost us a lot of money and given us back very little in the few years we've had it. 

I guess we should've just cancelled the Open House when we found out.  Although, it's not like that mattered much anyway since no one came.  5+ years in this place and this is what we get.  Fuck you, neighbors.  Fuck you.



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