Feb. 2nd, 2013

8:30am - Wake up, drop Ziva off at daycare.  Can't fall back asleep so I play around online
10:30 - Mark wakes up, we decide to go out for a lovely pancake breakfast before our final walk-thru at noon
11:45 - arrive a bit early at walk-thru.  THERE IS A MOVING FAN AT THE HOUSE!!!  She is supposed to be OUT of the house because it has fallen into a short sale situation and we need to do a clean walk-thru.
12:01pm - Our realtor's colleague shows up for the walk-thru and sees what is going on (Our realtor was at her Grandma's wake that morning so couldn't make it).  I'm literally vibrating with anger at this point.  I've never wanted to hit someone in my life and I want to shake and possibly punch this lady.  We were supposed to close in NOVEMBER.  We couldn't close last week because she was in Jamaica on vacation.  She cannot pay her mortgage so everything has been put off but can go on vacation.
12:30 - We do a walk-thru with the realtor even though there is all sorts of stuff still in the house.  The movers are visibly drunk and stink of liquor.  Closets are full of clothing.
1:00 - our lawyer is cursing out the seller (to us on the phone).  Tells us the closing, which was scheduled for 2pm has now (obviously) been pushed back to 4pm so she can gtfo.
2:00 Sit in startbucks and enjoy a green tea frap.  Mark turns to me and says "ya know, the house is really nice, I really like it".  I should hope so!  Do you know how much money we're spending??
2:45 - we go back to the house because she said she would be out no later than 2pm.  The moving truck is closing up and pulling away.  Oh wait, ANOTHER moving truck pulls up.  I shit you not.  We call lawyer again. 
3:30pm -  Lawyer talks us out of smacking the lady, tells Mark to go and ask her when she'll actually be out. She says to Mark: "Stop rushing me!  You can't rush me out of my house!  I need time to get out. I'm not going to the closing I already signed all my papers."  No, this is no longer your house, you picked 1/30 to close, gtfo.  We leave because the closing is 30 minutes away.  Mark's dad goes to the house, makes sure she gets out and gets the key from her.
4:25 - We actually begin signing papers.  Everyone on "her side" is apologizing to us for the craziness we've dealt with over the 4 months. 
4:45 - Her lawyer asks us for $900 because she just filled the oil tank up and we're supposed to pay her for it.  I politely say "no thank you"  Both lawyers look at me like I"m cuckoo bananas.  Mark and I start listing all sorts of stuff wrong with the house (nothing at all big, we just wrote down EVERY LITTLE THING).  Her lawyer leaves to make some phone calls and see what he can do.
4:50 - Lawyer asks us to split it 50/50.  We say no, thank you.  Our lawyer chimes in and mentions every stupid thing we've been through over the past 4 months.
4:55 - Her lawyer makes another phone call and tells us we're good to go.
5:00 - everything is signed and we own the house!

After we walked out, I just immediately felt lighter.  That's the only way I can describe it.  We immediately went and changed the locks on all the doors.  In the end, because of the short sale and waiting and bs, we ended up saving around $8000.  Not too shabby.  Not bad at all. 

I'm packing like a mad woman and Mark has been painting like a mad man.  We weren't going to repaint all the ceilings but, he figured we might as well just do it now and get it over and done with.  We're moving in on Feb 9 and hopefully the condo will be rented out quickly because the thought of paying 2 mortgages is rather scary.



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