So we're doula-ing.  Mark asked, she (the doula) accepted "doulaing" as a word.. and she kinda liked it. 

She can come to my house and sit with me so I don't freak out and go to the hospital too early.  I can call her at any time when I'm worried or questioning things before/during/after labor.  It'll be good.  She's been doing this for 9 years so she's got to know what she's doing at this point. 

No one has ever regretted hiring a doula.  Well, no one that I spoke with anyway.  But, as Mark (and others) pointed out, it would suck to go through it all and think maybe the outcome would be different if I had a doula.

I'm educated, I'm going with a midwife (group but still better than an OB) in a hospital, I'll have Mark there, I'll have my mom there (unless it's a ridiculously fast birth - haha), I'll have a doula.  I think I'm setting myself up for the best outcome possible.  If I have a c-section, at least I will know that I did what I could to try to prevent it. 

Also, I asked the doula for a discount which is always awkward when you're dealing with someone in that type of profession/owning their own "business" and she gave us a nice discount so I'm happy with that.  We'll meet with her probably once more before baby beluga arrives to go over a birth plan and all sorts of other random questions/things/whatnots and then the next time I'll see her will be the big day.

That's kinda scary.



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