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Mother's day was lovely.

We all slept in until 10, Mark made breakfast kinda.  The french toast didn't turn out so lovely so instead her made pillsbury flaky rolls which was yummy.  Afterwards, we went to buy a tree to plant so we can watch it grow as we live in the house.  We also bought a small strawberry plant, blackberry plant and raspberry plant.  Picked up some herbs, but I don't think I got all the ones I wanted and we didn't get any flowers yet.

There's a bunch of stuff already planted around the house and I just don't know what it all is.  Some things look like they're supposed to be flowers/plants but since it's been such a wacky spring, they look like weeds.  I guess the beauty of it all is that I can rip out whatever I want, but I'd like to know what's already there.  Mark was insisting on ripping out "the thorny bushes" so Ziva doesn't get hurt.  Until I pointed out that those were rose bushes and we should just give them time to bloom.  So, we'll see. 

Mark then mowed the lawn while Ziva napped and I lounged around on the couch.  Spoke to my sister in law for a while which was really nice snce it's been forever.  Mark made an early dinner of fajitas then we played around in the backyard a bunch.  At this point it was bathtime, so I headed out and went food shopping.  All in all a very productive yet relaxing day.  Mark cooked everything but, man oh man, there is soo many more dirty dishes than usual.  I don't even understand how that happens.

Yesterday Ziva had her first dentist appointment.  It went fine but I just don't know if I loved the place.  I guess I expected them to be more fun and animated..which they weren't.  The appt was 9am so we had to wake Ziva up to get her there on time and she was just cranky and tired.  I don't blame her one bit.  I also had my midwife appointment.  Nothing too exciting there.  I have to do the gestational diabetes test within the next two weeks or so.  I don't have to fast and I can drink whatever juice I want (as long as its ~50g of sugar) which is nice.  I'm just incredibly nervous that I'm going to fail the test, have gestational diabetes, and not be able to control it with diet so I won't be able to stay with my midwife.  Speaking of which, she was supposed to be on tv this morning (Good Morning America, maybe??) but we totally forgot to DVR it so that's disappointing.  So yea, I'm nervous about that.

Date: 2013-05-13 01:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sandokai.livejournal.com
Do some research before planting raspberry and blackberry...they cane and can take over the yard. I read too much about blackberry bushes today and am kind of freaked out about it. I am thinking I may plant ours in a pot instead of the yard.

Your midwives are so cool re the GD test. Did you have it in past pregnancies?

Almost everyone stresses about the test and most people don't have it. I did though, and it did was awful, but it can be diet/exercise controlled for most people. My case was not easy at all and I still managed to stay off insulin... worst case scenario you'll have to exercise 3 times a day and eat eggs and peanut butter and vegetables for 3 months (yeah, it really sucked. LOL But I got to stay with my midwives).

Date: 2013-05-13 01:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alibali.livejournal.com
hmmm, I didn't realize that, I was just hoping they'd live until next year, didn't even think of the possibility of them taking over. Although, a backyard of berries would be kind of awesome. Now, I'm really going to have to think about where we plant them and how.

I didn't have GD last time but (according to the midwives I used with my last pregnancy) I'm at a higher risk for it because I'm overweight and both my parents have diabetes (my dad is diet controlled and my mom takes insulin - and both her parents have/had it). They made me do the test around 10 weeks and then again at 26 or 28 weeks so that was just annoying. Both times I passed perfectly fine. This time around, at my first appointment they wanted me to do it again around 8 weeks because of my "past history" I pointed out that I didn't have it in my prior pregnancy so wouldn't that be my "past history"? The midwife started arguing with me and that was one of the big reasons I ended up changing to my current midwife who I'm much happier with. I guess I'm also more worried because my sister was fine with baby #1 and then with baby #2 she had GD. I know that doesn't mean anything for me, just another thing to make me worry I guess. I was also doing really well weightwise and by 20 weeks had only gained 2lbs. In the past 6 weeks, I've gained another 11. So, that sucks. Forced exercise and healthy eating really wouldn't be the worst things in the world, it's really the thought of needles that freaks me out. At least it's summer so good veggies will be plentiful - although giving up sweet fruits would stink.



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