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I'm so far behind in writing that I'm just picking up on this weekend.  It's our 8th wedding anniversary today.  Crazy how time flies.

Friday night, our daycare had "parents night out" which she does every few months.  Basically, pick your kid up normal time, feed them dinner and then drop them back off around 7pm so you can have a date night.  They play, watch movies, eat cookies/random crap stuff, and generally just have an awesome time with their friends.  We went to see Iron Man 3D which was pretty darn good.  I really wanted to go for the popcorn factor and I was very happy with that and some cherry coke from the tap as well.  When we picked Ziva back up around 10:30 they were all sitting around snuggling in their pjs telling "scary" stories.. although it's all 2-5 yr olds so really they were telling fairy tales.  It was adorable.

Saturday morning I was supposed to have a midwife appt but it was rescheduled to next week.  I feel like I've gained 80 lbs since my last appt which was 6 weeks ago at this point.  Either way, Bobbe and Steve came to pick up Ziva because they were going to do that while we went to my appt and wanted to do it anyway even though we were rescheduled.  They went for breakfast, to the park, to the ecology site, and generally just wore her out.  In the meantime, we hit up some garage sales, had a nice lunch out together, and then went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore to check things out for updating the apartment.  Didn't get anything there but a few ideas at least.  We bought a dresser for baby #2, we're getting/borrowing a crib from a friend, and we bought one of those rock and play sleeper things that are all the rage nowadays from a yard sale.  Baby #2 is in good shape as far as stuff goes, just need to pick out paint and actually make the room a room instead of a pile of mish mosh baby stuff.  That night we went over to Dave & Tiffany's and Ziva and Sophie wore out their energy.  Ziva smacked her nose into a cup or something and got a bloody nose, what else is new?

Sunday she slept in until 9:45 when I finally was like, okay we need to get up kiddo.  Definitely not complaining about that.  We cleaned.  We played, Ziva fell on a wooden box and smacked the corner of her head.  She is a magnet for bruises lately.  I feel horrible, she is more bruised now than when she was starting to walk and learning to fall.  I guess she's also more gutsy and fearless now so that's an issue.  Luckily, it has just been quick crying and bruises and nothing really major.  Friends came over for cinco de mayo celebration and we ate some good mexican food and then they begged and pleaded to see our horrible Vegas/Elvis wedding video.  It was ridiculous seeing that because we probably haven't watched it in a good 6 or 7 years.  I look so scared and the video quality is horrendous.  Elvis is still amazing.

All in all a nice fun filled packed weekend.  So not looking forward to work tomorrow because it has just been kicking my ass lately and ridiculous things are happening.



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