Jul. 14th, 2013

So, because I had off Thurs/Friday for the 4th of July we decided to attempt potty training.  Ziva had a few accidents that weekend but overall did awesome.  Went back to daycare and did okay on Monday but then on Tuesday she came home wearing a stuffed to the brim pull-up.  I never brought pull-ups to school - she just went in underwear and I told them to put her in diapers (which we're now calling "thick undies" because Ziva does not want diapers) for naptime.  Where'd the pull-up come from and why was it so full?  I was annoyed.  Especially because the owner wasn't there and it was just 2 of the other workers so I was like WTF, why aren't you doing what I asked you to do?

She ended up having about 2 accidents a day at school.  On Friday, Mark asks how she's doing overall and how she is compared to other kids and yada yada yada.. he had already asked 2 other teachers there.  He does this a lot.  It annoys the crap out of me.  Ziva likes going on the potty, she asks to go on the potty.  She stops playing and runs over to the potty and pees - clearly she's doing something right.  But, because Mark needs to know exactly how she is compared to every other kid and asks 9 people eventually they're just going to say "eh shes doing ok".  She thought maybe it was too soon to be potty training because Ziva had 2 more accidents at school on Friday.  Then brought up another girl that potty trained around 2 years old but regressed for 5 months back to diapers and now is potty trained again.  Ok, but that's not my kid - every kid is different.  If Ziva regresses, that's fine but I'm not stopping what we're doing just because it's a little more work for daycare.

I kinda feel that with the amount of money I'm paying, if I decide to do elimination communication and have a 4 month old go diaperless, they should be cleaning up that mess all day long, but I digress.  I was really annoyed on Friday and said fuck that.  Especially when Ziva was deeply engrossed in watching something on youtube, stopped and said I need peepee! and ran to the potty.  Then, while eating dinner she stopped, got off her chair, sat on the potty and peed.  Clearly, the kid knows (most of the time) when she has to pee so why would I put her back in diapers?  I told her she's still a big girl but if she wants diapers that's absolutely fine.  She insisted she wanted the undies.

She can hold her pee for a loooong time.  Yesterday she woke up with a wet diaper at 7:30ish and didn't pee until 11:45 when I finally just said okay, sit down and you're not getting up until you pee.  She eventually peed and was very excited.  She then peed another 4x on the potty yesterday and didn't have a single accident.  Obviously, I can understand accidents being more likely at daycare because at home she doesn't have to worry about someone stealing her toy when she goes to the bathroom.  We keep a potty in the den where we normally are also so it's in her view.  I dont put her on the potty hourly, I just ask her often.  I know that's the opposite of what "they say" but it's working for us.

Wow, who knew I had so much to say about potty training.

Also, I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant.  Although I may feel like I've been pregnant forever, this pregnancy is going super quickly and we're going to have a baby here shortly.  That is so exciting and so scary.



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