Dec. 23rd, 2009

Baking Resolution:
total so far:
1. banana bread
2. dark chocolate brownies
3. mini chocolate chip cookies
4. apple cinnamon bread
5. Mango bread
6. Creme Brulee Oatmeal
7. Chocolate and Blueberry cupcakes w/ fresh cream & blueberries
8. Corn muffins
9. Berry Crisp
10. Strawberry Crisp
11. Roti
12. Apple Blondie
13. Apple Crisp
14. Cherry Vanilla Cake
15. 4 Berry Scones
16. Mini apple pie thingies.
17. Cinnamon Buns
18. Blueberry Muffins
19. Loaf of bread
20. Garlic Pull a part bread
21. Melting moons
22. Chocolate dipped rum somethings
23. cranberry biscotti
23a. almond cranberry biscotti
24. French bread
25. Italian bread
26. Sugar Cookies - tried and try great recipe

27. Gingerbread men - they tasted goood
28. Nutella, White Chocolate, and Cranberry cookies - Eh, they're okay but I don't think I'd go outta my way to make them again
29. Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, coconut, dried cherries, and walnuts - good and I can claim they're healthy cause it included 1/4c whole wheat flour
30. BACON CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - Yes, they need to be capitalized because, ya know what? they're pretty good! I would definitely make again.
32. Almond cranberry biscotti (same as 23) but dipped in chocolate
33. Not cooked but include in the cookie baskets I'm giving out: Oreo truffles, White Trash (I meant to make Dark Trash too but there's so much damn stuff there that it's not necessary), Chocolate lollipops and Chocolate Snowflakes.

So, at least one of my resolutions is complete. I love it when that happens! I think I did pretty good on them this year and I'll figure that out later.



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