Oct. 25th, 2009

This weekend was very relaxing. I was called on Friday to work at the costume shop and I totally lied and didn't go. I felt bad but its really not that good of pay and last weekend when I worked they actually had me clock in. So I was working for crap pay, on the clock. Not really interested - especially since I still know how to work the main program better than the new people they hired and I haven't seen it for a year. So yeah, sorry guys. I do feel bad though - but I really enjoyed sleeping in.

Friday night we went to Dave and Tiffany's. Apparently, the secret to pork in the crock pot is to cook it for 20 hours. Then we had pumpkin and hot chocolate ice cream. They were good. Then we went home and went to bed early.

Saturday slept in until like 11ish then got up and cleaned the house and started a pot of my world famous chili. Kat and Thomas came over that night and Cooper behaved for the most part so that made me happy. Mark used the mr. clean magic eraser thingie on the windowsill. I asked him to invite people over more often.

I then stayed up until around 1ish trying to make a photobook with Kodak gallery because I have a coupon so the book will only be like $15-$20 and my mom wanted one from our wedding. And it's been almost 5 years - so I think it's about time.

Woke up today and tried to continue the photobook only to find that it didn't save all the stuff I did last night. okay no biggie, I was only on page 7 when it started to get annoying. So I restarted. Got up to page 7 again and it won't let me drag photos in. I got all pissed off and Mark thinks I should try another website but I don't have a coupon for another website. So it looks like my poor mother will have to wait another year.

We lounged around today, got fed up with kodak, went out to dinner with the inlaws (lots of crab legs at Popei's yum yum yum), layed on the couch, went on a hunt for a coupon holder thingie (not any real luck but I'm making due with an index card holder thingie. I feel like i've seen millions of them except now they're no where to be found since I actually want one. I think we went to about 6 stores). I just made a batch of blueberry muffins and they smell fantastic. I'm actually looking forward to monday morning to eat them.

Baking Resolution:
total so far:
1. banana bread
2. dark chocolate brownies
3. mini chocolate chip cookies
4. apple cinnamon bread
5. Mango bread
6. Creme Brulee Oatmeal
7. Chocolate and Blueberry cupcakes w/ fresh cream & blueberries
8. Corn muffins
9. Berry Crisp
10. Strawberry Crisp
11. Roti
12. Apple Blondie
13. Apple Crisp
14. Cherry Vanilla Cake
15. 4 Berry Scones
16. Mini apple pie thingies.
17. Cinnamon Buns
18. Blueberry Muffins - They smell fantastic and I can't wait to eat them tomorrow.



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