Jul. 7th, 2009

So yeah it's been a while.

In April we went to Chicago to see friends and the Riverdales. Had a fun time - it's a nice city. I'd definitely go back. Chicago dog = bleh and I still prefer my NY pizza.

In May we didn't do anything. Has it really been that long since I updated? We bought bikes which i know I wrote about and then we ended up returning them cause they were pieces of shit.

In June - All of Mark's hard work for the year culminated in Insubordination Fest in Baltimore. A pretty good stressfree (for the most part) Fest. Congrats to Mark. The only problems (that I know about) were more annoyances and all dealt with the club. I think Dead Milkmen also tried bitching about their set not being long enough - their contract called for 70 minutes and they played for over 85. They played Friday and the show started at like 5 with 3 stages of bands on at almost all times. Who the hell wants to stand thru 85 minutes of Dead Milkmen at 2am? Not i. I sat on the couch in the back.

It was nice catching up with old friends and getting to know other people better and, of course, seeing some good bands play. Good job Markus, I'll say it again. The whole fest is starting to get too big for it's britches. There were over 70 bands playing this year. That's a lot. A whole heckuva lot. I guess we'll see how next year plays out - Marks' on the phone with the other Insub guys now.

At work - I've taken over part of someone else's cluster cause she quit and it's just been a giant clusterfuck pretty much. Just annoying and I'm working my tush off and I don't like it. New girl starts tomorrow.

Fourth of July was a long laid back weekend and it was nice. We had plans on Friday but they were cancelled and we just didn't make anymore. Saturday Tiffany, Kate, and Layla came over for a mini BBQ which was nice just sitting outside relaxing in the finally sunny weather. That night we ended up getting italian ices and driving around with the top down looking for fireworks.

             At one point we were parked in a parking lot happily eating our ices. All of a sudden like 3 kids ride by on bikes. Then 3 more come walking past the car. Now, keep in mind I'm crazy paranoid and I've seen far too many movies. I look in the side mirror and theres like 8 more walking towards us. I grab my spoon (so I can stab them and flee to safety if necessary). I look back and there's even more coming.. enough to mak it around 20 total. I was kinda freaking out - I look over and Mark and he looks a bit weirded out also. They all walked past us. Nothing happened. We didn't get killed by vampires. I'm still here to tell the tale. It's a good thing too - cause my plastic spoon woulda done diddly on vampires or werewolves.

Baking Resolution:
total so far:
1. banana bread
2. dark chocolate brownies
3. mini chocolate chip cookies
4. apple cinnamon bread
5. Mango bread
6. Creme Brulee Oatmeal - It was not as fantastic as it sounds.

I really want brownies.



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