Oct. 29th, 2006

so as i wrote that last post my parents dog was shitting all over the house. no really. she was just walking around like nothing was going on and laying poop all over the place. but i needed to get my phone call written down so i dealt with the smell.

last weekend when jenn was here she had the privilege of sleeping in my old bedroom and i'm actually kinda shocked that she didn't write on the bathroom walls. theres markers in there and everyone who visits tends to write on the walls. what a weirdo.

so yeah, today i got to play chef again. we also served like 30 for the murder mystery where mark was the waiter. it was rather dead tonight so it really wasn't bad. no freaking out on my part.. altho i kept getting foot cramps so that was very very unfun. i learned tonight that i really hate lisa. i really do. shes always telling me to "fire up table __" yeah, uhm, no shit. as soon as you give me an order i "fire it up" its fucking ready. don't tell me what to do. theres 2 tables sitting right now, we're working on it dont ya worry sweetie. i understand the reason behind it -- i just dont like the attitude in her voice when she says it. like i'm beneath her.

her first table was a stuffed salmon and osso bucco. we didn't have any osso bucco that was unfrozen.. osso bucco normally takes about 20 minutes to cook so with the meat being completely frozen it was obviously gonna take some time. she gives us the order. we realize we have to get it outta the freezer. we stick it in the microwave so it'll defrost. after 7 minutes she goes "i'm ready for table 11 fire it up" the way she said it wasn't to make sure that we were cooking it it was like plate it up i can take it out now.
i'm like are ya fucking kidding me? it's gonna be some time. go away. i love being in a chef jacket, you have the power to yell at the waitresses lol. needless to say we ended up microwaving, deep frying, microwaving again, deep frying again, and then sauteeing this osso bucco. but it tasted great apparently.

mark is annoying the crap outta me. we're at my parents so apparently he can't just wait the 2 minutes to check my entry on this computer when im done.. no he needs to lean over me and read it while i type it. fucker.

so yea lisa is just annoying and sucks. she has this whole "i'm better than you attitude" when we had ONE TABLE she told me to "fire up 14" i'm like i'll fire you, quit it. cause i told her to quit it earlier and just tell me when she takes out the salads and then when she takes 'em back in if she feels the need. and she actually mouthed "go fuck yourself" as she walked away from me. i was like wow you have some fucking nerve. i'm the owners sister/daughter treat me with some respect cause its all about nepotism schmuck. she didn't think i knew about it cause my back was to her, but my sister saw it so i called her out on it and shes like was "oh hahaha just kidding blah blah blah"

i think i'm just done with dealing with any people at this point lol. mark dressed up as a cat today. he had a collar that said "pussy" and lil rich was a werewolf. they were cute together.

OH! and one of the guests from the murder mystery is the sister of the guy from Catch Me If You Can. Its really cool, she has some really interesting stories. Apparently everything in the movie was real, nothing was embellished, if anything they left out a bunch of stuff. They're apparently making a musical out of his life and a tv show possibly for next year. i'll definitely watch it cause thats really cool.

so yea, this was really long. i'm going to bed. g'night.



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