Yesterday I decided I really don't like the new realtor that we're using.  She was arguing with me and talking down to me.  Yes, that is a great way to get me to buy a house from you.  Mark took her side even though we had discussed all of this beforehand.  I stopped talking to both of them and started texting Tiffany instead.  Because I'm such a mature adult.  I figured it was better to text my anger to a friend than to yell at the realtor that she was an annoying stupid bitch and that I hope her cruise sucks because I hate the cruiseline she's going on.  Ya know, normal rants right?  I think I'm pmsing?  I looked into becoming a realtor myself because it's obviously not that hard if the vast majority of them are raving morons.  Maybe I'll get off my tush and actually do something and look more into getting my real estate license.  I'm lazy though.

Today at work was quite lovely.  I avoided doing any actual concrete work in the morning - always a plus.  At lunch time, we went to meet a brand new baby girl.  She was so sweet and so tiny!  She turned a week old today and is probably right around 4.5lbs.  I was all omg Ziva was never this tiny!   That's because she wasn't.  She was born at 8lb 1oz.  Even with weight loss she never dipped below 7lbs.  So crazy to see this tiny little human being.  It made me want a little baby of my own even though I don't really want a newborn.  I'd love a 2- 3 month old and to skip those first few weeks.  But those weeks are so sweet too.  Oh man, we need a house and to get so much more done before #2.

After baby meeting, we stopped at a deli to grab sandwiches and then had lunch on picnic tables out in the sun with a cool breeze blowing.  So nice.  Then we realized we had definitely gone over our lunch hour so we went back to work and pretty much immediately started setting up for a baby shower.  Well, it's not really a "baby" shower but one of our coworkers is adopting a little boy from China.  I think it's so awesome.  She was completely shocked and surprised and got a whole bunch of great gifts.  My now semi famous peanut butter brownies were a hit and the only thing to actually disappear at the party.  It was nice spending time with the good coworkers and just talking about how we really are a nice little disfunctional family.  It helped that most people that I personally don't like were unable to attend the party.

Oh, and it looks like we're not getting that house.  We put in a low ball offer, we raised 20k - they countered by dropping their price 6k.  They want close to asking.  I'm not willing to give anything close to asking in this market especially since that house was not 100% the one.  If the master bedroom was a foot or two bigger, it would've been closer to perfect.  But its not and we keep on looking.  And keep on trying out realtors until we find someone we like.


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:38 pm
so i came to the conclusion that i dont really like my job. i dont hate it. i just dont really love/like it and don't see it ever going anywhere. yeah, when they hired me they talked about all the possibilites but now that i'm actually part of the company i can see what there is and where i can/can't get promoted. i definitely cannot see myself there years from now. one of the counselors has been there for 25 years. if i was there for 25 years i would kill myself.

i'm not quitting and i'm not gonna apply for tons of jobs or anything, i'm just keeping my eyes open. i was hired as a temp anyway (a 2-3 yr position, but still a temp) so it's no big deal.

so as i'm coming to this conclusion and telling mark about it. my boss walks over to me and tell me my temp position is turning permanent and i'm getting my own cluster of students and yada yada yada.

this should be interesting, i'm excited that i'll have my own work instead of just doing everyone else's work while they sit around with their thumbs up their asses. however, knowing me, i'll probably finish my work and still help other people.

i'd like a raise along with it. but, as we all know, i'm horrible at asking for those. i figure i'll wait until i actually get the cluster. apparnetly my position just needs to be signed off on and then i'm good to go. i'd also like a real desk and a chair that doesn't suck ass, but i guess we can't have everything right?

i feel like i had more crazy aunt wedding updates but i'm going blank. i have a headache, maybe later.
so i think i may have gotten a promotion.

i came into work today ater my dr and rob and meri were talking in her offce and then he called me over to his cubicle and told me how his job title is Creative Director and he doesn't get to do that because he's busy being Office Manager.. yada yada.. i'm really good at stuff like that and he thinks i could handle it all really well... yada yada.. and i'm going to slowly being taking over things.

long story short i'm now doing all the customer service emails, messages, and doing all the batches and pretty much making sure everything thats supposed to go out goes out... and this is slow? i guess i'll be getting more duties as time goes on, but really who knows?

it was kinda weird cause it was in front of everyone so its not like i got to ask about a raise or anything.. but my year is at the beginning of Oct so I would be getting a raise then and after this all i gotta say is that i hope its a good one.

halloween is pretty much gonna be hell now. lol. considering i was already crazy busy last year just being given various voicemails, dealing with customers, and out of stocks.. now i'm doing all that and a bunch more.

should be an interesting next few weeks.


Dec. 22nd, 2006 11:51 am
so we went to the poconos last weekend. opened gifts with everyone on sunday night. jeff had his "best hanukkah EVER" so that was good. i got 3 pairs of silk pjs. i hate silk pjs (about as much as i hate grape jelly). i registered for pajamas cause everyone kept telling me i needed to add more stuff to my list.. so i was like fine whatever i'll add pjs i can always use an extra pair. but i made sure to write "no long sleeves and no silk". long sleeves make me feel constricted and i hate the way sleeping in silk feels. so i ended up with 3 pairs of silk pjs and 1 pair of regular ones from my mom (which i liked at first but upon second look they're rather ugly). i had to fake the whole "ohhh i love it" cause i feel guilty hating gifts. luckily, they'll all left the tags on so i can exchange them for other things without them ever knowing. shh.. don't tell.

mark and his dad started work on the condo. the upstairs bathroom has been ripped to shreds. we picked out tile still need everything else though. still deciding if we should redo the whole kitchen now, before we move in, or later when we have more money. probably would be easier now but its a bunch of money. who knew stuff was so expensive. my boss is buying a condo in our complex. he's getting a 3 bedroom though cause they have baby on the way. he has a hose - we're going to steal it to wash our cars.

work is dead. apparently today last year (does that make sense?) we had 28 orders the entire day. i've had 2 phone calls so far.. actually no i think it was 3- and only one was for an order but apparently we've already had about 25 order today.. so we're kicking ass this year. super busy.

the puppy is coming tonight. he's coming in 10 hours :). i have to pee. i'm super tired. and i drank coffee that james brought in. so i'm jumpy and tired and have to pee. and nothing to say but if i end this i really have nothing to do.
so yeah whats been going on?

i called in sick to work on tuesday. i felt guilty. but i felt like shit. went to the dr. was told i dont have strep (yea i know that) and she wouldnt give me any antibiotics because i dont have strep and they can possibly cause a yeast infection. i'm like thanks, i'm sick, i have asthma and crap in my lungs that i'm coughing up and now i'm gonna get bronchitis and pneumonia and die.. shes a bitch. i shoulda demanded (yea demanded) to see the dr as opposed to seeing the nurse practitioner.

i got cursed out a few times today at work. it was lovely. only got one lady demanding to speak to my boss though. moron ordered 2 of the same mask, put the order thru.. it was charged to her credit card. then she goes and orders a 3rd of the same mask. calls me 2-3 hours later (ya know once its already boxed and ready to go for UPS) and demands we sift thru thousands of boxes to find the masks and cancel the order. yeah. uhm. no. moron.

we just signed the contract for the condo. it won't get to them though until we get to see the condo rules and a letter saying that the balcony is all fixed (or walkable or whatever).

we're going to my parents this weekend. i get to cook at the restaurant. we went last weekend with Jenn and i cooked then too. i kicked ass. Altho i suck ass at making the pork cordon bleu. so maybe i didn't kick ass? hey for never having cooked or really worked in a kitchen i think i did pretty darn good. i only had one meltdown when i couldn't find the lasagna and i think i asked like 6x where it was. the words were just not sticking in my head. finally my dad ended up just getting it and laughing at me.

now mark is laughing at me cause my mom told me she'd buy me a winter coat for my birthday gift and today she told me my watch is my birthday gift.. even though when she bought it for me she said "happy graduation". so i dont really care that she's not buying me a coat. i dont need a coat. well i do lol but thats not point.. its the fact that she's crazy and makes up stuff. i should just wait a few weeks and show her the little certificate she made me that says "This entitles you to a winter coat for your birthday" and pretend this whole conversation never happened? but would that make me just as crazy as her?

so i kinda fell asleep while on the phone with someone today. she was just so boring. she kept asking about the same flapper costume and wanted to see more headbands. we only have 1 and i told her the colors 14x and she wanted to see them in person and she wouldn't get thru her pea-size lil brain that we are just a damn warehouse and we do not allow people to "just look a little" at the stuff. so i zoned out and stopped listening to her.. thats when i just about fell asleep.. and thats when she finally decided on a lovely gold headband with a red feather. blech.

i think i was grinding my teeth too cause my tooth really hurts.

all i do is complain lately. my check was good.. and we paid all our bills and still have a whole bunch of money leftover.. so thats definitely a "yay"

i'm gonna go make some tea for my throat, lay down on the couch, and wait for jenn to come so we can watch lost and project runway.
so yesterday i had 5 people curse me out on the phone.  gotta love friday the 13th.  oddly enough chris and andrea don't get any weird calls.  i know sometimes they just put their phones into rest for the hell of it so they dont have to answer anything.. and now i'm thinking they get a weird customer and forward them to me.  it doesn't make sense and its beyond coincedence at this point because i get every single weird ass customer complaint/ question.  

i'm up early.  cause i have to work today.  i dont want to at all.. but he asked the three of us and i was the only one who could.. so i'm sure that at least looks good.  i didn't ask if i'm getting paid time and a half or not.. but hopefully i'll ask at some point today.  i really really really dont wanna work tomorrow but he asked me and i didn't have a chance to think of an excuse.. just that i'd have to leave around 1 or so.. so yeah.  there goes my weekend.  

at least we're going to the poconos the next 2 weekends so i wont have to work then.  i dont see why i even have to now.  i really think i'm going to be there answering phones which makes no sense cause our hours are 9:30-6 m-f.. so why would people be calling today??  freaking weird.

i'm fucking tired and have nothing interesting to talk about anymore.  i wanna buy my parents dog the wonder woman costume.  i think thats the one.. i still haven't fully made up my mind. 

i need to get dressed and find a book because i think today will be boring.  hope someone has fun while i'm bored.
ok so chris sits in front of me at work.. and since i'm the last cubicle in the row i can see chris', andrea's, and maureen's (if i sit reaaallly tall) computer screen.  whenever i look up at chris' screen (when hes not with a customer) he's always looking at the "Leg Avenue" costumes.. which are like the slutty costumes.. ya know the naughty nurse, the "fire fox".. stuff like that.  its kinda creepy.. but also highly amusing.

every weird call that comes in somehow gets to my phone.. so i've had to deal with quite a few weird situations.  at least i'm learning stuff cause chris keeps asking me how to do stuff and having me look over his stuff to make sure he's doing it right.. so that makes me feel good at least.  anything new that happens always comes to my phone first.. like our servers were down so we couldn't do any exchanges or returns.. of course as soon as rob tells us that we can wing it and write it all down on paper.. i get a call for an exchange.. so yeah.  oh well.  

all i can really say is that a 30 minute lunch blows.. and makes the other 8 hours seem sooo much longer.  from 545-6 theres never any calls so its the slowest part of the day blegh.  

the inspection on the condo was today.  went pretty okay.  the balcony is all rotten apparently and the balcony door is so broken it doesn't open.. so yeah.  that kinda sucks.  hopefully they'll negotiate.. mark doesn't think they'll bend on the door cause when we looked at the place the woman casually mentioned it in passing. i say thats bullshit.. cause theres also a crack on the bedroom mirror closet door.. i assumed she was pointing out that being broken until mark was like no no its the balcony.  so yeah then i thought it was a quick fix.. not that the whole sliding glass door thing would need to be replaced.  

we'll see we'll see.  i'm tired.  but i really felt like i had more to say.. like something interesting.  guess not.
so today they actually let us answer phones. but only when people were just making orders. it was busy, but not at all busy lol. it was busy if there were only 1 or 2 people there. theres a woman who started 2 weeks ago, 2 "regulars" that do other stuff but also answer the phone, and the three of us that started yesterday. its a bit silly. i think i got like 10-15 orders. the whole day. it was rather boring and i don't feel comfy enough to just start roaming the internet even though i'm sure they wouldn't really care.

so over the past 2 days i've spent about 11 hours (cause we were in the warehouse for like 5hours) staring at the website.. and sure theres a ton of costumes.. but still.. it gets boring.

i do however want these: (i dont feel like loading anything so i'm just linking) 
tissues       high chair 

look how happy he looks, it's amazing:  spider-puppy

and this one makes me want to have a kid:  for your little stinker

in a nut shell.. thats what i've done today lol. 
i had my first day at work today. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. three of us started today. we had to pull and fill orders for like 5 hours. which was definitely interesting.. but i was dressed nice.. and i broke two nails. my nails were getting reallllly long (for me) so this is rather upsetting.

after lunch when i was talking to the other girl who just started today she walks by me (we were back in the warehouse again) and shes like what's your married name? and i'm like enoch (thinking this is weird) and shes like is your husband mark? and i'm like yeah how the hell did you know that.. now i'm getting weirded out. apparently she's andrea. lol i obviously didn't put 2 and 2 together when she said she had 3 kids all born on bc. i dont think anyone would put that together lol... especially since i've never met her before. so i was like damn thats a small world. especially since we went to the movies last night with steve, hillary, chris, and jen. we haven't seen chris since the wedding... so it was just kinda funny to have just seen him lol.

so yes, thats my weird story of the day. mark was flipping out thinking how funny/weird it was. (obviously not flipping out bad lol.. he's just still like wow thats weird).

besides that.. we sat for like 3 hours with Rob (our boss?) and listened to him on speakerphone talking to the customers. fun stuff.



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