so yeah whats been going on?

i called in sick to work on tuesday. i felt guilty. but i felt like shit. went to the dr. was told i dont have strep (yea i know that) and she wouldnt give me any antibiotics because i dont have strep and they can possibly cause a yeast infection. i'm like thanks, i'm sick, i have asthma and crap in my lungs that i'm coughing up and now i'm gonna get bronchitis and pneumonia and die.. shes a bitch. i shoulda demanded (yea demanded) to see the dr as opposed to seeing the nurse practitioner.

i got cursed out a few times today at work. it was lovely. only got one lady demanding to speak to my boss though. moron ordered 2 of the same mask, put the order thru.. it was charged to her credit card. then she goes and orders a 3rd of the same mask. calls me 2-3 hours later (ya know once its already boxed and ready to go for UPS) and demands we sift thru thousands of boxes to find the masks and cancel the order. yeah. uhm. no. moron.

we just signed the contract for the condo. it won't get to them though until we get to see the condo rules and a letter saying that the balcony is all fixed (or walkable or whatever).

we're going to my parents this weekend. i get to cook at the restaurant. we went last weekend with Jenn and i cooked then too. i kicked ass. Altho i suck ass at making the pork cordon bleu. so maybe i didn't kick ass? hey for never having cooked or really worked in a kitchen i think i did pretty darn good. i only had one meltdown when i couldn't find the lasagna and i think i asked like 6x where it was. the words were just not sticking in my head. finally my dad ended up just getting it and laughing at me.

now mark is laughing at me cause my mom told me she'd buy me a winter coat for my birthday gift and today she told me my watch is my birthday gift.. even though when she bought it for me she said "happy graduation". so i dont really care that she's not buying me a coat. i dont need a coat. well i do lol but thats not point.. its the fact that she's crazy and makes up stuff. i should just wait a few weeks and show her the little certificate she made me that says "This entitles you to a winter coat for your birthday" and pretend this whole conversation never happened? but would that make me just as crazy as her?




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