That last post jinxed us. Ziva threw up all over Mark literally minutes after it was posted.

Even though I've rocked her to sleep 3x now she has decided that as soon as she gets in her crib she's wide awake and would like to stand. So she is. And I'm sitting on a wet glider that hopefully doesn't have any more vomit on it

My mom sent us fancy dipped strawberries for valentines day. I was looking forward to them and now I am so not at all.

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Ok so a top tooth just popped through. Literally, it wasn't there when she woke up and I just saw it. So, this makes more sense than oatmeal hurting her 12 hours later.

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Ziva did not sleep last night. She had oatmeal yesterday around noon. I know it makes absolutely no sense for the oatmeal to wake her up at midnight but it's the only coincidence to her not sleeping last week.

Granted, we're currently at my parents. So she's not in her usual surroundings plus at midnight my mom decided to open the bedroom door, turn on the hall light, and start ripping paper. Yeah, thanks mom. So I'm pretty sure that's what woke her up and then she was really stuffy so she wouldn't go back to sleep and then did that horrible scream.

So I know she woke up because of the situation. It was just weird that she had oatmeal again and started screaming. I should google this better and/or ask the dr when we go next week because I don't see why oatmeal would effect her 12hrs later. It's just a weird coincidence. And she loooves oatmeal so I like giving it to her but we're dropping it again. Could there be a difference between long cooking and quick cooking oats?

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Resolution update

2. I made a dress tonight. It's a "pillowcase" dress and it definitely is not the prettiest I've ever seen but, I made a dress. I can't sew a straight line to save my life and I didn't have all the supplies it called for so I improvised. I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm also happy that babies don't inspect and/critique their clothing. It can fit anytime but I guessed on the length so hopefully it's good for summer. And, hopefully, by then I'll have made one a bit nicer. I just need to put her in it and take a picture. As long as it stays together long enough for that, I'll be super happy.

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I couldn't sleep last night. I just can't go to bed before 11- even when i was pregnant. Once I finally fell asleep around 12-1230ish, Ziva decided to wake up at 2. I brought her into bed since I was so tired. She woke up off and on (for no reason that I could figure out) all night long every 30-45 minutes. Just whined enough to fully wake me and then fell back asleep.

Mark and I take turns waking up with her on the weekends. That's nice and fair. However, he went to bed at 10 (maybe earlier since he fell asleep on the couch first) and slept solidly thru the night.

This morning it's my turn to wake up and I'm awake but annoyed. I didn't get any solid sleep besides the first 90 minutes and Mark is going on 10 solid hours. And will probably sleep for at least another hour or two.

On a happy non-bitching note, Ziva is crawling all over me and blowing raspberries on my tummy. We both find this hysterical.

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Dear Heartburn,

You are annoying. At least, if you were contractions, you would be accomplishing something. Go away.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

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Work party

May. 7th, 2011 11:50 am

So, yesterday I was surprised with a very nice shower at work. I knew one was coming, I just didn't know when.

I didn't do much at work that day. I answered emails and then worked on one app, we then had a pointless meeting. Afterwards, my old boss started worrying what would happen if I went into labor so she wanted to go over a plan of attack in case my water breaks. I'm like if that happens, I'll go home to labor as long as possible. She's like can you do that?? I will drive you wherever you need to go. I'm like okay sounds good.

Then another coworker decided she needed to go to target at 2 so I should come with her. Sure. Whatever. I worked on another app, answered more emails, ate lunch, did general futzing around. We went to target around 2. Jen was acting weird, the shower thought went thru my head but I was like whatever just be surprised haha. Plus, jen is weird Lol

On our way back to the office she started going on and on how she wanted iced coffee. Im like okay so get some. She's like no no I want it from the kitchen, come with me. I'm like okay let me just put my stuff down at my desk. She's like no just come now no one cares where we are. So I followed and as I walked thru one set of doors it hit me and I started laughing.

I walked thru the kitchen doors and like 40 women yelled Surprise!!! I was shocked. They invited Mark to join in the fun so he was with a room full of ladies. I wonder how awkward that was for him before I showed up.

They had cakes and desserts galore and a ton of gifts. We were surprised about the amount of stuff. I just said to Mark "I told you people love me, I'm pretty fantastic".

My department got us a high chair and then everyone got individual gifts also (except The Loud One which I find hysterical). We got a bunch of clothing, towels, toys, lots of stuff I can't remember. Most departments got us gifts and then individuals who love me got extras. The company bought us a pack and play. Everyone was super sweet and I was overwhelmed by the niceness. I even got a gift from someone I don't know so that'll be an adventure when I go to give her a thank you card.

To top it off, my boss told me to go home early. And i had to wear a crown. All in all it was pretty fantastic.

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I can't sleep tonight. About every 30-45 minutes I wake up completely wide awake. I'm perfectly comfortable and heartburn is no worse than any other night. I've actually only taken one Tums tonight so it's probably better than usual.

I'm tempted to just get up and start my day but it's 5 freaking AM and what is there even to do a this crazy hour? I'm also pretty sure every time I've woken up, I've managed to wake Mark up too so I'm sure he will be very well rested and in a good mood tomorrow/today.

I'm hoping this is just a weird night and not what's going to happen for the next 2 months.


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Aug. 12th, 2010 10:47 pm

So nanny and pop are flying from colorado to allentown tonight. They had a plane change in Chicago. Pop got tired of waiting and wandered off.

There is no spell check/autocorrect on this app. I cant handle that so the story needs to end here for now.

Until next time...

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Let's pretend that it's still Saturday the 23rd.

Happy 7 years, Mark!

Seven years seems like an awful long time but it seems like it really wasn't that long ago that I met you.

Love love.

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Dec. 17th, 2009 02:57 pm

All these people going to see wintuk this year. I just want to shake them and say NO don't do it! It's terrible! It's not a cirque de soleil show. Go see another one. Blech to wintuk.

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