so we're not going anywhere crazy. we decided on cali and vegas. i'm excited though. as of now we're going to adam and jenna's for 2 days and then san diego for 2 days or so and then onto vegas for 5 days.

maybe we'll hit it big and become millionaires. or just ya know gamble for a bit, lose money, and get married again. either way, sounds like fun.

i wanna see Love and Zumanity. and i think mark said we'll go to disneyland which i've never been to - obviously since i've never been to CA.. and now we need to look for more stuff to do.

vacation planning is fun. even though mark totally planned it. he's just much better than i am at it. well i think i threw out the vegas idea first and then he ran with it (ya know looked up hotels and plane and all that money costing stuff)

i already asked for the days off. i still haven't asked for mon/tues off for passover. i feel bad asking for days off even though they have no problem giving them to me. nanny and pop are coming up for passover so it'd be nice to see them since i haven't seen them since before the car accident. plus theres an auction on tuesday and my sister really wants me to go.

i'm still upset the big food show is on march 27/28th so i can't go. stupid food show being in the middle of the week.

so yeah. we still need to get down to FL after my grandparents go back (so we can visit them there) and to visit andrea and todd.
i need help.

mark is leaving it up to me to plan the vacation this year.

i have no idea where to go or what to do.

it needs to be out of the US.. we have a few different shorter trips that we'll go on to visit people around here.. but I have to plan the "big vacation" this year. so no US (unless its alaska) and no caribbean cause we're bored of that.

I like cruises, but i dunno if i'm feeling the cruise this year.. i think the 3 cruises in less than a year and half kinda tired me out from the boat.

any ideas or website reccomendations??
so i think i'm fully packed and ready to go. we're driving out to my parents tonight. it seems silly to drive out to the poconos just to drive back to the city in the morning, but at least we can split on the parking costs.

theres huge hurricanes and the ocean looks crazy.. theres a camera on the ship showing what it looks like and mark is a dork and knows this so i was looking at it online earlier today. the ship skipped its last port on the last sailing and will hopefully arrive on time. we have our ginger pills and bomine. i'm think we may just need to pick up extreme drowsy dramamine and sleep our way thru the hurricanes.

at least we can hope for huge waves so we can stand out on our balcony and get wet. or maybe not. yeah, no huge waves.. rather go in the pool.

the cats are too excited that we're leaving.. i think they're just looking forward to jenn and not having us around to ruin their party.

so yeah, this isn't even that interesting. i'm done writing.



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