i am tired.

we moved on saturday. the movers took 5 hours to move all of our boxes and furniture down our apt steps down the walkway drive to holbrook and walk all the way to our condo and up and down steps. it was amazing. i felt guilty the whole time and wanted to help. i didn't though. cause we were paying them and that was the point. but still.

after the movers left we had no idea what to do or where to start. we called jenn. she, being the wonderful person that she is, made us lunch (with snacks!) and then got us to work. she yelled at me for having too many types of dishes. i defended them all but did end up throwing out a microwave casserole dish that my nanny gave my mom who gave it to me and i've had for over 3 years and never used. everytime i move i find it and go "aww my mom used to steam broccoli in this, i'm gonna use it!" and never do. but its gone now. and theres just that much more space.

i feel like i've been unpacking for years and that the boxes keep showing up. i know its that whole self-centered thing but right now i'm feeling like i'm unpacking everything and marks kinda just wandering around and pointing to stuff going "this is overwhelming" obviously he's doing stuff. but obviously i'm gonna think i'm doing more. that just human nature. its still annoying though. so yeah at least i know i'm wrong.. or i could be totally right and he's just sitting on his ass in a different room.. cause he does seem to never be unpacking in the same room (or level most of the time) as me.



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