so i kinda fell asleep while on the phone with someone today. she was just so boring. she kept asking about the same flapper costume and wanted to see more headbands. we only have 1 and i told her the colors 14x and she wanted to see them in person and she wouldn't get thru her pea-size lil brain that we are just a damn warehouse and we do not allow people to "just look a little" at the stuff. so i zoned out and stopped listening to her.. thats when i just about fell asleep.. and thats when she finally decided on a lovely gold headband with a red feather. blech.

i think i was grinding my teeth too cause my tooth really hurts.

all i do is complain lately. my check was good.. and we paid all our bills and still have a whole bunch of money leftover.. so thats definitely a "yay"

i'm gonna go make some tea for my throat, lay down on the couch, and wait for jenn to come so we can watch lost and project runway.
i'm freaking tired. i got paid today though so that was nice. i have no idea how the pay week goes though.. so if i'm being paid for just the week thats cool.. but if that always includes the 10 hours i worked this weekend it kinda sucks.. oh well.

louie keeps making this weird hooting noise that makes him sound like a monkey. he started yesterday but i feel like he's done it before. i dont know.

i passed out last night. i was reading cosmo and just fell righ tto sleep.. mark had to wake me up and drag me to the bedroom where i proceeded to fall immediately back to sleep. sideways. so when mark came back in he had to move me and i apparently cursed him out. i do remember waking up at one point and i could hear him trimming his toenails and it really kinda grossed me out.. but i fell back asleep. quickly.

i need to get dressed and get outta here.



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