Feb. 5th, 2012 02:48 pm
So I had a doctor's appointment last weekend and my doctor thought it would be a good idea to get tested for allergies seeing as I have asthma and have never been tested.  I told him I don't even think i have seasonal allergies. 

Boy, was I wrong.  They tested me for 58 things and I'm allergic to 23.  I was shocked.  Most of them are mild allergies which is probably why I dont really even notice them - especially since I take a medication for my asthma that also helps with allergies.  I'm allergic to:
8 out of the 11 trees they test for
4 out of the 5 plants
1 pollen (weird!)
1 grass - maybe junegrass?  I don't remember most of the things
2 different dusts - that part of my arm is still tender since that was a major allergy
3 different molds - at this point I asked for a doctor's note so I'd never have to clean again.  He liked that idea but Mark poopoo'd it
I'm also strangely highly allergic to dogs but not at all to cats which makes no sense to me since if I even think about touching someone else's cat, I can't breathe within 10 minutes.. but dogs Im fine and I'm obviously fine with my animals.
mice - this is good because now when Ziva is older and wants a hamster or a mouse or whatever, we can just use my allergy excuse and get a fish instead
Orange - I was really shocked by this one.. especially since I've never noticed any issues with eating oranges.  It's a mild allergy and the dr said it probably wouldn't be an issue but to just not eat a ton every day or it may get worse.

I was just thankful I wasn't allergic to chocolate.  I think I should move to a sandy beach though.. with a cleaning service.  It's the only way to avoid all these trees and plants that I'm allergic to. 



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