Woohoo Roxy's Back!

yeah, i never mentioned it cause it was sad. my parents dog got out at 10am on tuesday. my mom let her out as usual and when she went to let her back in, she was gone. granted, its kinda my moms fault for not going out there with her but i wasn't gonna say that to her.. especially since my sister liked mentioning that part.

anyway, she has a collar but no tag. but she is microchipped.. but they live in the poconos and odds are no ones gonna bring the dog in to get scanned. my mom called me up crying on saturday offering me the doggy steps (so she can climb onto their bed) and her toys. she was already convinced by thursday that the dog had frozen to death somewhere since shes a little lhasa apso. and i was just like no no mom. roxy will be okay dont worry.

apparently she showed up on a neighbors porch today all wet and cold and the woman brought her in fed her and dried her off and then dropped her at the vet. we all doubt that though. its been almost a week, she wouldn't have survived outside that long its been freaking cold. we're all thinking that the woman had roxy and she was all nice and sweet and then after a few days become her normal kujo self and the woman didn't want that so dropped her off at the vet.

either way she's back so thats good. my moms getting a tag for her this week. and cooper has his aunt back so he's all sorts of excited.

look its roxy as a cute lil puppy:




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