edit: Tinypic is being a bitch and turned the pics and didn't make them tiny and i'm too tired to fix them.. sorry about that so i did it thru lj and they may be crappy but whatever.. read on...

so Friday the pooper was supposed to come to us. He made his flight onto Columbia perfectly fine.. he had a layover in Atlanta (why he went from SC to GA baffles me but whatever)... we kept checking his flight info.. everything was going fine.. then there was some delays.. kept getting delayed.. finally mark checks and its cancelled. we do what every normal person would do.. we freak out. call the breeder. she calls the airport. we call the airport. marks like change him to the flight in Newark.. we'll drive there for the puppy. they can't do it. they need 45 minutes to transfer his flights blah blah blah.. they kept us on hold so long that they didn't have time. so the poor lil guy had to spend the night in an Atlanta kennel. but he came in on the 2:12 flight on Saturday and we went in to pick him up. lady at the counter scared us though - 3 people had come to pick up dogs from that flight and only 2 dogs were on the flight. luckily the manifest was wrong and there was actually all 3 of them on there.

so here is Mr Cooper Pergo McDoodle Enoch in all his glory. 

i just realized none of those pictures show his full body.. whatever.. next time lol
the pooper is here! the pooper is here!

finally. more on that later.. now we need to go buy the lil pooper stuff.


Dec. 22nd, 2006 11:51 am
so we went to the poconos last weekend. opened gifts with everyone on sunday night. jeff had his "best hanukkah EVER" so that was good. i got 3 pairs of silk pjs. i hate silk pjs (about as much as i hate grape jelly). i registered for pajamas cause everyone kept telling me i needed to add more stuff to my list.. so i was like fine whatever i'll add pjs i can always use an extra pair. but i made sure to write "no long sleeves and no silk". long sleeves make me feel constricted and i hate the way sleeping in silk feels. so i ended up with 3 pairs of silk pjs and 1 pair of regular ones from my mom (which i liked at first but upon second look they're rather ugly). i had to fake the whole "ohhh i love it" cause i feel guilty hating gifts. luckily, they'll all left the tags on so i can exchange them for other things without them ever knowing. shh.. don't tell.

mark and his dad started work on the condo. the upstairs bathroom has been ripped to shreds. we picked out tile still need everything else though. still deciding if we should redo the whole kitchen now, before we move in, or later when we have more money. probably would be easier now but its a bunch of money. who knew stuff was so expensive. my boss is buying a condo in our complex. he's getting a 3 bedroom though cause they have baby on the way. he has a hose - we're going to steal it to wash our cars.

work is dead. apparently today last year (does that make sense?) we had 28 orders the entire day. i've had 2 phone calls so far.. actually no i think it was 3- and only one was for an order but apparently we've already had about 25 order today.. so we're kicking ass this year. super busy.

the puppy is coming tonight. he's coming in 10 hours :). i have to pee. i'm super tired. and i drank coffee that james brought in. so i'm jumpy and tired and have to pee. and nothing to say but if i end this i really have nothing to do.
had our final final walkthru last night. stove doesn't work and dishwasher leaks. gotta love it.

my head feels full. i feel like i'm not fully hearing everything and my head feels lopsided. man, i hope i dont pass out at work. that'd be awkard. (akward? i can't spell right now.) the baby is crying and its not helping my head. i'm just hoping my phone doesn't ring righ tnow, i'm half tempted to put it into rest.

the poopie puppy is coming on friday. poor guy has a layover in like atlanta.. no that doesn't sound right since he's coming from south carolina. i checked.. it is atlanta. weird. i feel bad for the lil guy cause he'll be stuck on planes for like 5ish hours. he's coming into macarthur at 9:58 on flight 4612.

we need to clean. my sister is staying at my house on christmas. cause her and her husband would rather spend xmas going to the movies and out for chinese with us (who they see weekly) than her husband's family. which is completely understandable. i'd much rather hang out with me than pauls mom.

i'm trying to keep occupied so i dont notice my weird headedness and feel all passy outish. but its really not working.



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