we're in pa. i'm bored. marks lounging on the couch cause his tummy hurts.

last night we had dinner at a great restaurant :) lol. it wasn't busy at all so my mom sat down at ate with us but got up and all pissy when we started talking about farting. and then paul insisted that he heard us all the way by the host stand. which is impossible because we were on the complete opposite side of the restaurant.. and it'd have to go thru 2 walls.. but sure. granted the people behind us mighta heard.. but they were giggling.. and its not like we got gross about it or anything. what i dont get is why when the restaurant had 3 tables (including us) sitting why would you sit a table of 2 in a back corner behind us? it makes absolutely no sense. put them closer to the front door that way we look fuller.. and we wont bother them. hes such a schmuck.. cant even handle seating tables.. moron.

after dinner cyle mark and i went to the movies. we saw barnyard. i cried like the sissy i am. i hate cartoony movies. you know someone (okay, some animal in this case) is gonna die.. and its not gonna be in a good way. barnyard was very much like the lion king - same basic storyline with a kid wanting to goof off and not be the "king" and then something happening where he has to be. i could watch the lion king 4x in a row and still cry when mufasa dies.. so yeah. ok i'll stop analyzing cartoons.

we're looking a 2 houses tomorrow. who knows if we wanna live here.. but when theres a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house sitting on an acre of land overlooking a great creek and its only $150k how can you not take a few minutes and just look at it? so yeah, we'll see.



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