Oct. 3rd, 2006 03:02 pm
two weddings this weekend. two pairs of pants i bought on saturday. two job interviews today. two cats jumping on me.

yeah thats about all i have for the twos.

went to lloyds this morning and had to do testing. found out i'm just as bad at excel as i thought i was. scored like a 70something on the basic, 50 on intermediate, and in the 30's for the advanced lol. oh well. got like high 80s for ms word (basic) intermediate was low 80s and advanced was 70s.. not bad. ended up getting 99% on alphanumeric data entry and 100% on numerical data entry. all in all a very very boring morning.

afterwards watched a video on all the great reasons to work for lloyds.. felt like i was in a walmart training day. then had an interview when the lady just asked how much i wanted, when i wanted to work, and when i'd be available. didn't really ask much else then kinda ended the whole thing. kind of annoyed she didn't let me tell her i knew barbara and was referred by my sister. i wonder if my sister could still get a referral reward even though she went there like 10 years ago. hmm.. lol.

hour and a half later i came home. ate lunch. went to interview #2. had no idea the name of the place even.

got there way too early, went in anyway cause i just dont care at this point. guy sat me down and told me the job description. basically i answer phones, take orders and input them in the system. wow. so complicated. he told me again what i had to do, step by step. i'm like okay. then asked 2 more questions then went back and was like "do you feel you could enter the orders accurately and without mistakes?" and i was like are you serious? but i held that back and instead was just like "yes i'm confident i can enter the data correctly". schmo. then i got to ask questions and all i said was "what do you do?" cause it would be nice to know WHERE i'm interviewing and what the hell they do. i still really dont know.. something with building materials. whatever. the whole thing was a lovely wooping 11 minutes. the shorter the better in my opinion. i think the costume shop may have won over this one.. altho this is permanent and thats temp until january.



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