Yesterday I decided I really don't like the new realtor that we're using.  She was arguing with me and talking down to me.  Yes, that is a great way to get me to buy a house from you.  Mark took her side even though we had discussed all of this beforehand.  I stopped talking to both of them and started texting Tiffany instead.  Because I'm such a mature adult.  I figured it was better to text my anger to a friend than to yell at the realtor that she was an annoying stupid bitch and that I hope her cruise sucks because I hate the cruiseline she's going on.  Ya know, normal rants right?  I think I'm pmsing?  I looked into becoming a realtor myself because it's obviously not that hard if the vast majority of them are raving morons.  Maybe I'll get off my tush and actually do something and look more into getting my real estate license.  I'm lazy though.

Today at work was quite lovely.  I avoided doing any actual concrete work in the morning - always a plus.  At lunch time, we went to meet a brand new baby girl.  She was so sweet and so tiny!  She turned a week old today and is probably right around 4.5lbs.  I was all omg Ziva was never this tiny!   That's because she wasn't.  She was born at 8lb 1oz.  Even with weight loss she never dipped below 7lbs.  So crazy to see this tiny little human being.  It made me want a little baby of my own even though I don't really want a newborn.  I'd love a 2- 3 month old and to skip those first few weeks.  But those weeks are so sweet too.  Oh man, we need a house and to get so much more done before #2.

After baby meeting, we stopped at a deli to grab sandwiches and then had lunch on picnic tables out in the sun with a cool breeze blowing.  So nice.  Then we realized we had definitely gone over our lunch hour so we went back to work and pretty much immediately started setting up for a baby shower.  Well, it's not really a "baby" shower but one of our coworkers is adopting a little boy from China.  I think it's so awesome.  She was completely shocked and surprised and got a whole bunch of great gifts.  My now semi famous peanut butter brownies were a hit and the only thing to actually disappear at the party.  It was nice spending time with the good coworkers and just talking about how we really are a nice little disfunctional family.  It helped that most people that I personally don't like were unable to attend the party.

Oh, and it looks like we're not getting that house.  We put in a low ball offer, we raised 20k - they countered by dropping their price 6k.  They want close to asking.  I'm not willing to give anything close to asking in this market especially since that house was not 100% the one.  If the master bedroom was a foot or two bigger, it would've been closer to perfect.  But its not and we keep on looking.  And keep on trying out realtors until we find someone we like.

floor plan

Sep. 6th, 2010 08:38 pm
I uploaded my terribly drawn, not at all to scale, floor plans. 

Right this way...

There's a "key" there to exlain the doodles.  Nothing is to scale.  It probably also should have some turned around but this is how my head works. 

Good luck trying to make any sense of them whatsoever.  At least I'll have this floor plan to look back on in the future and laugh. 

I'm still not sure about the potential vs monstrosity ratio.  We need a pro and con list. 

We might be leaning towards a "No" tonight.  We stopped by the in-laws quickly today and tried to explain the house and how it works.  I even explained my floor plans and then Mark showed his dad the pictures and I had to re-explain those.  His dad was very wishy washy also about it.  Again, could be fantastic and a great opportunity (with the apartment especially) but could just be a sink hole for money and time. 

The basement "apartment" is definitely not legal and I don't think it can be made legal because it's a basement even though it has outside entrances.  So I wouldn't count or think about renting that.  The three floor one I'd like to make legal if it's not already. 


Sep. 6th, 2010 12:50 pm
How big of a house is too big? 

We found a house that may be perfect but it may be too big.  I spent a while and drew up floor plans just so I could visually wrap my head around how the house works.  It needs a bunch of work - new floors and paint through out are a definite.  I told Mark we can have painting parties.  Just invite people over, feed them, and let them paint a room any color they want.  There are a lot of rooms.  By my count, there are 25 rooms/hallways that can be painted.  Obviously, not ALL of them would need to be done but this is why I wouldn't care what colors they are.

It definitely needs a new kitchen and at least 2 new bathrooms.  One bathroom has a pink tub that is a step up (I don't get it) and the other bathroom has a neon yellow toilet.  The other 2 bathrooms are okay.

The nice part is that we could totally convert the huge den into our bedroom for now while we fixed up the second floor bedrooms.  I need to take measurements and see if it's even possible to make the 2 upstairs bedrooms and sitting area into 3 bedrooms with one being big enough to fit all of our furniture.  I wouldn't want to live in the den forever because it would be like a 4 minute walk to the upstairs bedrooms.  Yes, it's that weird and cockamamy looking.  But, it could be really nice.. in time. with work. and lots of painting.  

  I have to figure out a way to upload my terribly fantastic mspaint floor plans but I'm heading out to meet my sister for lunch so I'll do that later.


Dec. 22nd, 2006 11:51 am
so we went to the poconos last weekend. opened gifts with everyone on sunday night. jeff had his "best hanukkah EVER" so that was good. i got 3 pairs of silk pjs. i hate silk pjs (about as much as i hate grape jelly). i registered for pajamas cause everyone kept telling me i needed to add more stuff to my list.. so i was like fine whatever i'll add pjs i can always use an extra pair. but i made sure to write "no long sleeves and no silk". long sleeves make me feel constricted and i hate the way sleeping in silk feels. so i ended up with 3 pairs of silk pjs and 1 pair of regular ones from my mom (which i liked at first but upon second look they're rather ugly). i had to fake the whole "ohhh i love it" cause i feel guilty hating gifts. luckily, they'll all left the tags on so i can exchange them for other things without them ever knowing. shh.. don't tell.

mark and his dad started work on the condo. the upstairs bathroom has been ripped to shreds. we picked out tile still need everything else though. still deciding if we should redo the whole kitchen now, before we move in, or later when we have more money. probably would be easier now but its a bunch of money. who knew stuff was so expensive. my boss is buying a condo in our complex. he's getting a 3 bedroom though cause they have baby on the way. he has a hose - we're going to steal it to wash our cars.

work is dead. apparently today last year (does that make sense?) we had 28 orders the entire day. i've had 2 phone calls so far.. actually no i think it was 3- and only one was for an order but apparently we've already had about 25 order today.. so we're kicking ass this year. super busy.

the puppy is coming tonight. he's coming in 10 hours :). i have to pee. i'm super tired. and i drank coffee that james brought in. so i'm jumpy and tired and have to pee. and nothing to say but if i end this i really have nothing to do.
had our final final walkthru last night. stove doesn't work and dishwasher leaks. gotta love it.

my head feels full. i feel like i'm not fully hearing everything and my head feels lopsided. man, i hope i dont pass out at work. that'd be awkard. (akward? i can't spell right now.) the baby is crying and its not helping my head. i'm just hoping my phone doesn't ring righ tnow, i'm half tempted to put it into rest.

the poopie puppy is coming on friday. poor guy has a layover in like atlanta.. no that doesn't sound right since he's coming from south carolina. i checked.. it is atlanta. weird. i feel bad for the lil guy cause he'll be stuck on planes for like 5ish hours. he's coming into macarthur at 9:58 on flight 4612.

we need to clean. my sister is staying at my house on christmas. cause her and her husband would rather spend xmas going to the movies and out for chinese with us (who they see weekly) than her husband's family. which is completely understandable. i'd much rather hang out with me than pauls mom.

i'm trying to keep occupied so i dont notice my weird headedness and feel all passy outish. but its really not working.
so we closed. took like 2 1/2 hours.. but we closed. they give up possession on monday. the place has to be professionally cleaned and obviously all their stuff out by then. we get the keys then and get to do a final final walk-thru.

theres a few thousand in escrow in case we find any damages and they took off a few hundred for the damages we already found - like the big hole in the closet.

best part was after we're all done. our lawyer turns to us right in front of the lady and is just like "the FIRST thing i want the two of you to do is change the locks! because you just never know!" it was hysterical.

it was hard to be mad at lynn (the seller) because she just really is a nice girl. i think under different circumstances i would like her much better. the whole reason they arent out yet is cause they close on their new house on monday and those people are closing on their house on like wednesday so they couldn't get out. crazy how our one sale sets off so many.. you just don't realize that.

so yeah it'll all work out. mark and i will get to eat pizza on the empty floor of our condo soon enough.
we went on the walkthru last night.  ya know the final walk-thru on the hosue where you make sure everything is in tact.  Yeah, well all their crap was there.  They haven't moved out yet.  So we did a walk-thru to pretty much just look at all their dirt and nastiness.  and the only thing we realized was that the house needs a lot more work than we originally thought. 

they're apparently moving out tomorrow.  lovely.  we'll be in PA.  can't do another final walkthru until monday.  so we go to closing today, sign all the papers, hand over a huge amount of money.. and don't even get a freaking key.  

they're such assholes.  granted its in the contract that they have 3 days.. but who actually stays those days?  and if you're gonna do that, you tell someone.  of course their real estate agent was conveniently sick yesteray so didn't show up to the walkthru and didn't tell our agent that they weren't moving out.  so we stood out in the cold for like 20 minutes until Zach got up the courage to call their agent who says she's sick and the homeowners are there.  Uhm, nope they're not.  BUt they had a lock box on the door, so we got in and we're instantly annoyed.  And Zach in his ever annoyingness is just like "guys you don't look happy.  what's wrong?"  

open your eyes moron.  perhaps its cause theres mounds of shit piled up everywhere so we can't even check and see if the filthy stove and dishwasher work.    now granted, i dont clean my stove and fridge in apartments - thats cause my whole thing is, i dont own it i don't care.  so i haven't fully cleaned either of them out in 2 years.. mine look shiny and sparkling in comparison to what they're living in.  how can you let a kid live in such nastiness?  ugh. 

so yeah, we have the closing at 11.  and i'm missing work for this.  and i'm annoyed.  and i want money back.  and we have pictures.

oh and i'm pmsing so you know i'm either gonna break down crying or punch the woman today.  she's pregnant - that'd be really bad.  

wish us luck ... we're gonna need it :(
ok so chris sits in front of me at work.. and since i'm the last cubicle in the row i can see chris', andrea's, and maureen's (if i sit reaaallly tall) computer screen.  whenever i look up at chris' screen (when hes not with a customer) he's always looking at the "Leg Avenue" costumes.. which are like the slutty costumes.. ya know the naughty nurse, the "fire fox".. stuff like that.  its kinda creepy.. but also highly amusing.

every weird call that comes in somehow gets to my phone.. so i've had to deal with quite a few weird situations.  at least i'm learning stuff cause chris keeps asking me how to do stuff and having me look over his stuff to make sure he's doing it right.. so that makes me feel good at least.  anything new that happens always comes to my phone first.. like our servers were down so we couldn't do any exchanges or returns.. of course as soon as rob tells us that we can wing it and write it all down on paper.. i get a call for an exchange.. so yeah.  oh well.  

all i can really say is that a 30 minute lunch blows.. and makes the other 8 hours seem sooo much longer.  from 545-6 theres never any calls so its the slowest part of the day blegh.  

the inspection on the condo was today.  went pretty okay.  the balcony is all rotten apparently and the balcony door is so broken it doesn't open.. so yeah.  that kinda sucks.  hopefully they'll negotiate.. mark doesn't think they'll bend on the door cause when we looked at the place the woman casually mentioned it in passing. i say thats bullshit.. cause theres also a crack on the bedroom mirror closet door.. i assumed she was pointing out that being broken until mark was like no no its the balcony.  so yeah then i thought it was a quick fix.. not that the whole sliding glass door thing would need to be replaced.  

we'll see we'll see.  i'm tired.  but i really felt like i had more to say.. like something interesting.  guess not.
so they accepted our offer.

that was really quick.

i called my mom and she was like i'm very happy for you but i'm also very sad because now you're not moving out here. thanks mom, thanks for making me feel sad when i'm happy to be buying a condo. poo on her. then she apologized and said she needs to go make beds and think of a housewarming gift. i have a weird family.

no idea when we close but we just found out from our complex that we have to pay rent through july cause they don't break leases. so this should be an interesting next few months.
so we put an offer in on the condo in holbrook.

we went looking around today at some houses.. biiig fixer uppers and i was kinda like i dont wanna condo i wanna house.. and pouting.. of course.

then we went back to the condo.. marks parents met us there so they could check out the place and give us their opinion. and when we walked thru i liked it much better.. i had kinda forgotten it. so yeah.

this time tomorrow we may or may not have an accepted offer.

the kitchen needs a pot rack or something but besides that its moveinable.

uh huh

Oct. 4th, 2006 11:10 am
its like less than 10 hours to lost. and then project runway. but thats not nearly as exciting as Lost.

got a temp job already. but it was only for 5 days so i turned it down. as of now i'll go into the costume place on monday. but if the temp agency finds me a longer job i'll leave and go temping. i'm such a loyal person ain't i?

went looking at condos with Zach yesterday. We met him at Jen's wedding on friday. Nice guy.. young.. does real estate part time. has only sold like 7 other houses. but for some reason we like him cause he's jewish. no idea why. its just nice lol.

looked at a few places. going again i think tomorrow to look at more. went to ones in yaphank that mark thought he was gonna fall in love with.. and neither of us liked them. which is good cause yaphank is far. i think we're gonna look at a few more in coram, medford, port jeff, and holtsville. whatever, paying rent just sucks.

took mark to the dentist this morning. now i'm sitting here debating if i wanna eat, watch tv, or clean out my closet.
i'm home and i need a job. wanna hire me?

we found another house we want.. well 2. its a duplex. so we can rent out one side (they're mirror images of each other) and live in the other.

anyone wanna rent a house in the poconos?
each side: 1700 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, huge eat in kitchen.
has a deck and a backyard on 3 acres and across the street (but off the main road) from a catholic school so its not noisy.

i'll write about the cruise tomorrow. typing hurts cause i have a papercut the size of montana.

no house

Sep. 10th, 2006 08:41 pm
so we put an offer on the pretty house yesterday. got a call this morning. they denied our offer and another persons and told us to come back with our "best and highest offer" which is a lil ballsy but whatever they're the ones selling. we reoffered this afternoon.

about 45 minutes ago anna called and said we did not get the house. they took the other person. no idea what their offer was obviously.. but we were only offering 2k less than asking. i guess its good cause if they're willing to not go down $2000 now it probably woulda been more hassle then it was worth once the inspector went through cause we know certain things would need to be renegotiated after it was inspected.

kinda sad. but i guess it wasn't meant to be.
So last night we went into the city. mark wouldn't tell me where we were going. the only hint i got was that i've seen the chef/restaurant on tv a few times. i knew it was no one from the food network cause i've probably seen them about a million times. We parked and were walking and mark's like so do you know? does anything look familiar? obviously not. we keep walking.. and i see the Trump International Hotel and i'm like ohhhhh.

So we went to Nougatine. Jean Georges is on the Apprentice whenever they do the food challenges.. i woulda never thought of that lol. It was really really good. We got their version of the omakase (price fixed meal - buncha courses). I'll critique all the food later.. im not in a full out typing mood right now.

After dinner, there was a part 2. on the whole car ride into the city i was guessing random things. Mark was upset cause i had guessed what we were actually doing. But seriously, some of the things i guessed were seeing an imax, going to a deli, going indoor sky diving, looking at the xmas tree in rockafeller center.. i mean i guess ANYTHING lol.

We went on a horse and carriage ride thru central park. Which I was happy about cause anytime we see them i always say "i wanna go on a horse and carriage ride". Our horse was named Jimmy and he kicked ass.

All in all a good birthday.

Oh we also got word that someone else is putting in a bid for that house we really liked so if we want it we need to put a bid in before the cruise. So now we have no idea what to do. Cause we kinda said that if it wasn't spoken for when we got back we'd "look further into it." but now that we might have to put a bid in by like tonight.. who knows. mark is not a fan of deadlines apparently.

Just think, wouldn't you want this as your backyard?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
view from the creek looking towards the house.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
view of the creek
so we're home from pa.

we looked at 3 houses yesterday. one we drove up to and just kept driving cause it looked like trash lived there, one we coudln't get into cause the electronic key Anna (real estate agent) didn't work. Good thing Jeph was there.. Anna and him were roaming around the house looking for an open window.. they finally found one and jeph climbed in (yeah, he broke into the house so we could look at it.. such love lol) The house was amazing. It was so ugly i loved it lmao. the kitchen had a beautiful neon yellow orange and white tiled floor which i would never ever change. the basement was turned into a rec room. thats the only way i can describe it. people dont have rec rooms anymore.. this was a rec room. there was a pool table, built in seats, and a bar with swinging door and everything. it was amazing. but the bedrooms were tiny and ugly. it was a pretty ugly house overall actually lol.

the first one we looked at though was really nice. its 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has 1/2 an acre right on the creek. it was actually the only house we've looked at that i could picture living in. and its funny cause my sister is across the street and two houses down. so if we run outta butter all we have to do is yell and get some from my sister :).

who knows though. we should buy it and rent it out though until we figure out if we actually wanna live there.. because its just so pretty and such a good price.

cyle ended up leaving at like 2am and sneaking out of the house. my dad, cyle, and jeph (from those 2 names it really looks like i dont know how to spell) were supposed to go on their iron butt ride but cyle had a hissy fit cause my dad was letting jeph (ya know, his nephew) use his suzuki instead of cyle. cyle is the one who bought a scooter so cyle should ride his own scooter. so stupid.

in other news, mark wants his motorcycle license. oy vey. i'm gonna go find food and talk later.
we're in pa. i'm bored. marks lounging on the couch cause his tummy hurts.

last night we had dinner at a great restaurant :) lol. it wasn't busy at all so my mom sat down at ate with us but got up and all pissy when we started talking about farting. and then paul insisted that he heard us all the way by the host stand. which is impossible because we were on the complete opposite side of the restaurant.. and it'd have to go thru 2 walls.. but sure. granted the people behind us mighta heard.. but they were giggling.. and its not like we got gross about it or anything. what i dont get is why when the restaurant had 3 tables (including us) sitting why would you sit a table of 2 in a back corner behind us? it makes absolutely no sense. put them closer to the front door that way we look fuller.. and we wont bother them. hes such a schmuck.. cant even handle seating tables.. moron.

after dinner cyle mark and i went to the movies. we saw barnyard. i cried like the sissy i am. i hate cartoony movies. you know someone (okay, some animal in this case) is gonna die.. and its not gonna be in a good way. barnyard was very much like the lion king - same basic storyline with a kid wanting to goof off and not be the "king" and then something happening where he has to be. i could watch the lion king 4x in a row and still cry when mufasa dies.. so yeah. ok i'll stop analyzing cartoons.

we're looking a 2 houses tomorrow. who knows if we wanna live here.. but when theres a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house sitting on an acre of land overlooking a great creek and its only $150k how can you not take a few minutes and just look at it? so yeah, we'll see.



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