so the mortgage was approved.

and our puppy was approved (? yeah i dunno what i was saying there.. but we're getting the lil guy.. on dec 22nd)

we went out to my parents this thanksgiving.  had a decent time... it was the six of us, jeph (i can't believe i actually write jeph instead of jeff without even having to think about it), jeanette, and holly.  nothign too big.  i made nuts.  they served guests dinner at around 3:30 and then we ate around 5-6ish.  

we brought up the jones soda thanksgiving dinner that dave got us last year and we all passed them around the table tasting them.  they were all repulsive.  absolutely nasty.  i'm gagging a lil bit just thinking about the brussel sprouts. blech.   and oddly enough paul was the last in the chain and he actually tasted each one.  i was shocked.  he's not usually one for joining in on the passing of food around the table for tasting. 

on black friday we were gonna go shopping - but didn't go to sleep until like 2. ended up waking up at like 9 or 10 and melissa, mark, holly, and i went out to Kohls.. we may or may not have heard jeanette waking up and quickened our pace out to the car.  on saturday we (mark and i) felt guilty.. and needed to do more shopping.. so we went with jeanette to Target.  and then on sunday we went with my mom  back to Kohls.  we spent a lot of money this weekend.  and most of it was on ourselves.  we did get everyone mostly done though.  we just need tiny filler gifts here and there.  

but mark and i both got new coats, pillows, throw blankets, kitchen towels, and a bunch more crap and really isn't that what the holidays are all about? 

so yeah a very expensive weekend.  and then with buying the dog and the house, November is turning out to be quite the pricey month.  

and now i'm at work and i'm bored.  and i wanna know when this job ends.  like when the temp part is over and if they're actually gonna keep any of us.  but i dont want to ask for some reason.  i feel weird.

theres a new mailman today. phil isn't here.  i wonder why he's not here.  yeah, my life is officially boring when i realize the mailman at work is a different guy. 



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