So, we give Ziva pieces of food and we also randomly give her food mashed with a fork and/or stuff like applesauce.  At daycare, for the past week or so I've been smushing up food for her - sweet potatoes, butternut squash, oatmeal, applesauce.  I figure that's easier than giving her chunks of food when I'm not around.  I told them to fill the spoon and let her do it but I'm pretty sure they just feed her.  Honestly?  I don't really care.  If I hold the spoon (like when she's getting applesauce on a non-bath night), she is SOO excited.  She doesn't care who feeds her as long as she's eating.

So I guess technically we're not doing baby lead weaning by the book.  But, she's totally happy and trying all sorts of new things, so I don't really care.  She has had big chunks of bread get stuck in the back of her bouth and gagged a bunch a few times recently which freaked Mark and me out.  She got them up on her own so I know that's good.. it just freaked me out.  So, now I've been giving her more food type things but just cut up smaller so she can work on her pincher grasp instead of big chunks that she can take big bites of.  I know eventually I need to get over this, but she's not even 7 months yet, so I have time.  She's doing really awesome and it's absolutely adorable when she reaches out with two fingers, picks up a piece of food, and then smashes her whole fist in her mouth hoping beyond hope that the piece of food didn't fall out.  Most of the time she gets it, and when she doesn't Cooper is more than happy to clean up her highchair when she's all done.

So, weird food combination.  Right.  Last night, we had Greek food.  I gave her some gyro meat and feta cheese.  She loved both and happily shoved them in her mouth.  Not thinking, I had already dished out some applesauce so she ate that too.  That's a really gross combination.  At times she definitely had both in her mouth.  But, she seemed to love it so who am I to say that it's gross?  She had sweet potatoes mixed with applesauce the other day at daycare and didn't complain. 
Apparently, the combination of applesauce + anything is a win.



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