so last weekend was the weekend of calamari.

friday we went out with jenn and jeff to a chinese place in st james and got this really good (albeit rather salty) calamari.
saturday we went to mangia mangia in patchogue with marks parents and got calamari with a spicy pomodoro sauce - also quite yummy. i got the zuppe de pesce which of course had calamari in it (good but definitely the "worst" of the weekend.
sunday we went to wild fin in huntington (it was the beginning of li restaurant week). they had 2 calamari choices - teriyaki which i got (yummy) and lemon pepper which mark got (also super yummy). you'd think i'd be sick of it.
all of them were completely different though.

as for wild fin: good food, crap service. waited 25 minutes to order. then waited 50 minutes between our dinner and dessert (so i drank cold coffee because they gave me the coffee at the halfway point during the wait lol)
last night we went to Garden Grill in smithtown - good service, okay food. i pretty much got the same thing for my first 3 courses. got mozzerella and tomato w/balsmic as appetizer, they brought out a salad (lettuce, tomato, balsamic), and then (not realizing) i got the chicken (breaded chicken breast, with chunks of fresh mozzerella, tomato, balsamic, and onions). so yeah, probably woulda been better had i ordered differently.

gotta love restaurant week. $21.95 for 3 courses.. too bad marky is up in PA now knocking down a wall.

i guess it wasn't just the weekend of calamari.. it was also the weekend of eating out apparently.

as for today, well today is the night of ali not taking off her brand new shoes cause she loves them. i'm iffy on the gray ones.. but the green ones are definitely a keeper :)
So last night we went into the city. mark wouldn't tell me where we were going. the only hint i got was that i've seen the chef/restaurant on tv a few times. i knew it was no one from the food network cause i've probably seen them about a million times. We parked and were walking and mark's like so do you know? does anything look familiar? obviously not. we keep walking.. and i see the Trump International Hotel and i'm like ohhhhh.

So we went to Nougatine. Jean Georges is on the Apprentice whenever they do the food challenges.. i woulda never thought of that lol. It was really really good. We got their version of the omakase (price fixed meal - buncha courses). I'll critique all the food later.. im not in a full out typing mood right now.

After dinner, there was a part 2. on the whole car ride into the city i was guessing random things. Mark was upset cause i had guessed what we were actually doing. But seriously, some of the things i guessed were seeing an imax, going to a deli, going indoor sky diving, looking at the xmas tree in rockafeller center.. i mean i guess ANYTHING lol.

We went on a horse and carriage ride thru central park. Which I was happy about cause anytime we see them i always say "i wanna go on a horse and carriage ride". Our horse was named Jimmy and he kicked ass.

All in all a good birthday.

Oh we also got word that someone else is putting in a bid for that house we really liked so if we want it we need to put a bid in before the cruise. So now we have no idea what to do. Cause we kinda said that if it wasn't spoken for when we got back we'd "look further into it." but now that we might have to put a bid in by like tonight.. who knows. mark is not a fan of deadlines apparently.

Just think, wouldn't you want this as your backyard?

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view from the creek looking towards the house.

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view of the creek
so i forgot to mention that on saturday we went to Tribeca Grill - Robert DeNiro is part owner in it and his dad's paintings are all over the place. Yeah, i'm a little disappointed in mr. deniro. the food was okay, nothing spectacular. the overall restaurant was eh. and you had to go up 42 stairs to the bathroom where the toilet paper was worse than at an elementary school. the best part about the whole dinner? in the bathrooms theres 2 rolls of toilet paper and they actually have them all set up so it's one going over and one going under. after i realized this in my stall i went on to check all the others.

overall i wouldn't reccomend the halibut - one of the ingredients just didn't mesh well and threw off the whole dish. the seared tuna was pretty good - nothing to run back for though. we got coconut shrimp tempura which was interesting but still felt like it was missing something and the creme brulee was creme brulee - nothing spectacular. i sound like a food snob. oh well lol.



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