Sep. 6th, 2006 06:26 pm
so elvis has officially left the fishy tank.

mark dug a hole, we found a box, and we buried him in the front yard.

i will admit i felt kinda silly burying a fish.. but whatever. our neighbor came out as we were paying our respects and probably thinks we're freaking weird.

i wonder if we signed anything in our lease saying we wouldn't bury pets on the property? oh well.

mark even drew a lil jewish star in the dirt for him. how sweet.

louie is staring at where the tank was before and looked really sad.

herman the turtle is doing good though.. we cleaned out his cage after we did elvis'

needless to say, i still feel like i'm drowning in turtle/fish poop so we will not be having the hunk of salmon i bought yesterday for dinner tonight.

poor elvis

Sep. 5th, 2006 07:49 pm
so i think elvis is a goner. (or gone at this point).

when mark got home he was laying on his side on the bottom of the tank and he called me and said elvis was dead. i was surprisingly upset since he's a fish.

when i got home he was just laying there and i poked him. i didn't know what else to do. but i coulda sworn he moved. he was just laying there. i called my sister.. mark looked online. we started changing out his water a bit at a time. mark took a sample to the pet store while i changed out his filter and some more water. he was starting to flip his lil fin around and kept opening his mouth.

the guy at the pet store was an asshole. he wouldn't answer any of mark's questions. cause mark was like "is he dying? is there anyway we can save him?" and the guy was just like your ph is super low you shoulda cleaned the water out before. oh i'm sorry, i must've left my time machine parked somewhere else.. is there anything to do to save the fish NOW? geez.

so he got something that helps get rid of grime in the tank and helps his skin and put that in.. and a ph test kit. and then mark took bonnie (the other fish)'s filter outta her tank and so there was 2 in elvis' and i got rid of the plastic plants that looked funky.. and now he's not moving at all.

i keep changing out the water every few hours anyway.. ya never know.. maybe he'll recover again. although i dont think so. at least the pH is back at a semi-livable range.

i feel really guilty. i can't just flush him. he's at least 6 years old.. how do you flush an animal thats 6 years old. but what do you do with a fish?



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