i just spent a really long time getting stuff together for the post office. i've been taping up boxes with duct tape cause we didn't have any clear packing tape. after i duct tape up the boxes i tell mark and apparently we have packing tape. oh well. somehow i have to figure out how to carry all the boxes into the post office. sending back shoes, avon, and sending out my aunt's order.

so for my birthday my mom and sister got me clothing and stuff. jeph got me a tattoo though..

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obviously its not real lol.. but its hysterical. we were at the chinese buffet (surprise surprise) and jeph ran out to the vending machines and got me a birthday gift cause i told him i wanted him to do a tattoo on me (thats worded weird). so i got this lovely tattoo until i can decide where i want the real one.

so then he wanted a sleeve of his own so he spent like $5 trying to get another one.. since the machine also gives out crappy temp tattoos. he got 2.. my sister took one.. jeanette went and spent a few bucks to get one. my dad keeps trying to get one and just keeps getting temp ones. they all say like superstar, and boy toy, and hot stuff. they're really bad. just bad. so mark is sitting there going how funny would it be if i put this (boytoy) on your dad? and i'm like it'll never work. they have to get wet. do it on jeanette its funnier.. and hes like no no. so i completely forgot about this. mark gets up and walks to my dad i hear a "uh uh buddy" and my dad gets up. mark walks around the table and slams it onto jeanettes forehead. needless to say, she starts screaming. jeph gets in on the action, after all he is the actual tattoo artist. starts slamming more water on her forehead saying its too dry its too dry! jeanettes still screaming. mark (pretty much just as loud) "its not like i'm raping you or anything!!" i was like omg.. my sister mom and i are crying from laughing so hard. about 3 waitresses (who you know dont speak english) come running over and just start laughing and pointing and giggling. the two girls behind the counter are speaking in some form of chinese and all we can make out is "tattoo" thru their laughter.

so here she is after the fact looking oh so beautiful.

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afterwards we went home and they went to my cousins studio to hang out and then her and my sister went to a bar cause she thought she saw her boyfriends truck.. she didn't but his best friend was there and she told the best friend shes dumping the boyfriend. but didn't tell the boyfriend. smart.

so yeah, how was your weekend :)



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