Last night i had 2 dreams. One of those dreams was where i woke up crying but I have no idea what the dream was about but obviously it was upsetting if i was crying. very weird.

In the other dream, i was in a band and was at some sort of school and in order to pass my math class the teacher said we had to write a song on the spot and i was like thats not possible it'll sound horrible and she was like fine, you just have to write the lyrics on the spot. and i was so annoyed cause i didn't sing. so then i ended up sitting next to the drummer and he kept breaking the snare drum so all the songs sounded horrible so i quit the band

and the next thing i know i'm running through the woods looking for something. and there was all this random garbage within the woods and i kept having to call back to some guy (i think the drummer from the band maybe?) about what i saw (like "white paper cup on the left side"). and finally he caught up to me and we were walking along and this squirrel came up to me and kept coming to sniff me and i kept freaking out cause i dont like squirrels (i really dont). so i squirt some water at the squirrel from a water bottle and it loved it and kept coming closer so i started running again and drummer guy was trying to get it away from me. i'm just now realizing that the place i was running in looked a lot like this bike trail i used to go on.

so then i keep running until i'm home (which was my house in port jeff) and i'm in the den and mark is looking out the backdoor at 2 cats sitting by the pond and my mom has a broken leg and is sitting on the beige leather couch. and marks like aww look how cute they are! and i'm like theyre not cute thats Louie! why is he outside?? whats wrong with you. so i go and bring louie in and now layla and louie are inside. but it wasn't really layla it was the squirrel - so i open the door and out runs layla and i'm like oh no we have to get her before she runs away! so she ran right to the pond and im all trying to whisper to get her back and shes all fuck you and jumps into the pond.. so i grabbed her and she scratched at my lip but i got her inside. and then i see this dog on the other side of the pond and i'm like how'd cooper get out here? can't you keep any of them inside? and mark is trying to convince me thats not cooper cause look how cute he is, cooper just got a haircut he's ugly now. and i'm like no no his hair grew really fast its him i know it.

so mark made me grab him and i was getting happier cause we had all the animals back inside except my mom really wanted us to move the couch forward for her cause she had dropped an entennmanns cake behind the couch and didn't want it to stay there cause then the squirrel would come back. and she kept saying i was going to be late for school so i should really get ready now.

so yeah, that was my dream. very weird but nice to feel like i was back home in port jeff. oh and i woke up with a cracked lip that was kinda bloody.. think the layla in my dream did that??



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