So I wanted to post the first photo I saw of Coop that made me have to have him but apparently altho claims (at least they used to) they never delete photos they really really do. so i have no way of finding or ever seeing that pic again and that's sad. maybe it's saved to my actual computer. hopefully, but, who knows.

anyways, first photo we requested of him:

baby cooper

and when he was still a puppy and brown but bigger:

Young Cooper

and a recent shot before the horrible haircut:

cooper in september

Cooper is 2 today and he's definitely in his terrible twos (or horrid teens in people years) lately. He's been a super dillweed the past week or two.


Mar. 9th, 2008 01:08 pm
so cooper got a haircut. this is his 4th haircut since last may. the saddest part is that i havent gotten my hair cut since like dec 2006, yet my dog has gotten his cut 4x now. i'm thinking of next time we take him in and they shave him they just shave my hair all off too.

thats what i dont get about groomers.. they get this cute looking dog in and they're like hey, lets shave it here and leave it here and trim it there.. there we go! now he looks ugly! like a rat with a giant head! PERFECT! why do they do that? this haircut isn't nearly as bad as the one last summer. that one made me cry. this one is just really short and he looks cuter with longer hair but he hates being brushed and gets all matted.

when they were cutting his hair i dont know how they did it but somehow they made his penis look huge. seriously, the lady dogs are gonna be all over him on his walks until his hair grows back in.

ahhh choooo

Sep. 6th, 2007 08:40 am
so Cooper has this thing that if you're sneezing he needs to be IN YOUR FACE. usually i sneeze 2-3 times so he knows when i sneeze once he still has the chance to run over like a motherfucker so he can be there for the sneeze.

i just sneezed like 3x in a row and he ran over so excited he slammed into my face. and then i waited a few seconds and 2 more sneezes came on and he was so freakin excited so i of course sneezed on him.

i still dont know whether this is cute or incredibly disgusting.
So Cooper had quite an eventful day. We took him to get groomed. The groomer called about an hour after we dropped him off and was like "so he has a bunch of matts on his legs and its inhumane for me to brush them out so we're going to just shave him okay?" and i felt like a horrible mom so i did all i could and said "okay" then i called my mommy up and she was like "they shoulda just cut them out like I do but i'm sure he'll look fine shaved" Apparently Roxy got a nasty cut behind her ear so the vet shaved like half her neck and head, so Cooper can't look worse than that.

We call the groomer cause its been about 3.5 hours and we're in the neighborhood and the girl is like Oh we just called you, Cooper is done and you said you were on your way. So now i'm like hmm thats weird. but whatever i guess they called the wrong person.

We get there and they make mark pay first (which i didn't even realize) and then they bring out my horribly ugly rat. My face dropped. That couldn't be Cooper. That couldn't be my little puppy. No way. They hand him over to me - he's shaking and scared and starts to pee. As they tell us that "Oh by the way, we gave your collar and leash to someone else by accident Sorry about that". So at this point I put Cooper on the chair so he can finish peeing on their furniture and Mark starts yelling like "what the fuck? that has his tags on it! we need that" and the woman is like well i think they said they were going on vacation so we should have them back after the weekend. I guess we can lend you a leash and collar if its a big deal. And i'm like yeah we dont have another collar for him - thats HIS collar. Thats like taking someones wallet and giving it to someone else and being like what you need this??? So mark is like What if he gets out? No one can identify him. Go get it now.

So a nice boy that works there is like well they're in Oakdale so i guess i can drive over now and if you want i can bring it to your house. And i'm like no you can be back in 10 minutes - we'll wait. So we go outside to wait. I'm trying to coax Cooper into pooping on their doorstep but he wouldn't. And i'm like fuck this lets just go and not pay and just buy a new tag on the way home - this is when mark told me that they had already made him pay before they brought him out and of course it was cash so i can't even do a charge back which i totally would cause they fucked up my dog.

So the kid showed back up about 20 minutes later with the leash and they didn't even apologize. hell as a good will gesture be like ya know what? we royally fucked up your dogs haircut and we gave his collar away how about a $5 discount on that $45 grooming. Thats more than i pay to get my own hair done.

So they shaved his whole body really really short but left his tail and ears long and wavy (which means completely untouched). They left him a long beard but cut it lopsided and they didn't even cut/file all his nails but of the nails they cut they're still long. So i wanna know why i paid $45 for a fucked up dog. It looks like a mix between a poodle cut, scottish terrier, and something shaved. its slightly growing on me if i only look at parts of him but he still looks super ugly. he's just lucky he has a cute face and is supersoft.

Word to the wise - Don't go to Tail Waggers in Sayville - they suck donkey balls.

So we went over to Hillary and Steve's tonight and Cooper got to come and play with the Nipster and show off his bad haircut. He loved him a lot. at first he hid and tried to pretend he was all scared of the big guy but then he was trying to be all tough which was hysterical. He was so worn out on the way home he just curled up in my lap. Once we got back here he just drank some water, grabbed a toy and curled up and fell back asleep. Now he sees i'm talking about Cannoli and is like Can we play again sometime?? He really has that look to his face, I swear.

He did much better than i thought he would - he just got annoying with the barking towards the end of the night but hey we're still working on a way to fix that. I had more fun teaching him how to High Five than teaching him not to bark lol.

okay, its bedtime for everyone.
cooper got neutered today. he's wearing a big cone on his neck so he doesn't lick his stitches.

he has to wear it for 10-14 days. at least until the 23rd when we bring him to the vet for his checkup.

its absolutely heartbreaking. i dont think i'm gonna last 10-14 days with him in a cone.

he went to greet me at the door when i came home and he slammed into the baby gate with his collar and it was really sad.

now he's drinking water or at least attempting to and he keeps overshooting the bowl. it really is just sad looking.

oh and did i mention the big blue bandage on his arm where i'm guessing the IV was?

my poor muffin head :(
so we had our last visit to the vet (until we get him neutered). he has all his shots and boosters. he's 8 3/4 pounds. and the lil boy lost his first tooth. our lil goober is growing up.


Jan. 16th, 2007 09:09 pm
mark is about to give cooper a bath.

i think he enjoys doing this just a tad too much. he may or may not even be talking in baby talk right now, but i wont embarrass him and say for sure which it is.

i have a towel ready. cause he does not like drying him. just cleaning. which i find weird. i'd much rather dry the lil guy then have to soap him up and rinse him off.
what a way to end the year.

we've spent the day watching the dog and trying to figure out what to do and calling and yelling at the breeder.

he has a parasite in his intestine. the vet prescribed medicine that of course she didn't have on hand so we had to order it from the pharmacy and it's costing like $70 with shipping since it has to be sent 2-day in a refrigerated package. but it won't get here until thursday. the breeder was like thats crazy go to a fish store and pick it up there and just dissolve it in liquid.

so i went there and it was $6. so now i'm annoyed that i'm paying $70 because some guy in a pharmacy is liquifying it for me. and he had to wait a week for treatment.

this morning he had crazy diarrhea issues so we were worried he'd be dehydrated since he's so little and he pooped more than i do. when i woke up it was just loose.. when mark woke up it was looser and then turned to liquid. yea i know gross and tmi but whatever. so we maid some white rice.. called around to emergency vets and random pet stores for advice. of course vets won't tell you anything over the phone. The Puppy Depot in Coram was actually the one to tell us that his medication should be pennies and that its outrageous what they're charging us and we should call and blah blah blah. and that most likely the giardia (i think thats how it spelled) is what's causing the diarrhea so he really shoulda been treated.. we also learned this by looking online)

so he ate about a TBL of rice and then threw it up. i got a few tbls of pedialyte down his throat and he was seeming peppier. we got the medicine - dissolved it in pedialite and then took a syringe and shot it down his throat. he was not a happy puppy. apparently it tastes horrible. and next time we should add a drop of vanilla?

then he had a bath. since he smelled pretty bad all day long. and his ears smell cause he has ear mites. and we shoulda just bought a dog from a puppy mill cause it woulda been healthier at this point. the breeder was like i didn't know he was sick blah blah blah and i'm like you promised us a healthy dog this is ridiculous. and shes like would you like to return him? why would i want to return him? granted we've only had him for about a week but i really like the lil bugger. so i'mlike no this just isn't right he shouldn't have been certified healthy for the flight by your vet thats crazy. and shes like i didn't know about the ear mites and the parasite coulda been brought on by stress. i'm like no it wasn't he got it from you (even though i obviously don't know.. i was just pissed off lol).

so yeah, she said she wants updates on how he's doing and that we'll discuss more when he's feeling better and doesn't understand why the vet didn't give him the meds right away. but she ssaid she'll pay for the ear mite treatment. which really means nothing.. i just feel horrible that the poor lil guy is all sick.

he actually ate some of his real food before and was jumping around having a good time. like 15 minutes after the bath. he's not a fan of baths. well more of hair dryers and fluffy towels. who wouldn't like a fluffy towel? weirdo.

needless to say we did not go and work on the house today.
lil cooper takes after his mommy playing sudoku and crossword puzzles all day :) Image and video hosting by TinyPic
he's starting to get fluffy.. marks starting to get nervous.



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