so we bought  "soft paws" for the cats so that way when we have new furniture they wont shred it to pieces.  at first we didn't think it'd be easy to put on.  in marks words they're "little condoms for each nail"  its basically fake nails for cats.  we got black.  because the choice was black or clear at petco.  and clear is just a waste of time.  surprisingly they went on rather quickly and no one fussed too much.  

louie kept shaking his leg like he was trying to get a booger off his paw.  it was really funny.  we distracted him with food and then started sticking them on layla who just sat there glaring at us basically telling us to go fuck ourselves.  

all in all they work pretty well.  louie was kneading on me last night and it didn't hurt at all.  both of them still have all 10 glued on and they seem to be ignoring them.  the website (www. said they'd probably try to chew off the first batch you put on.  

as of right now definitely a worthwhile investment.  but next time we need different colors.  the black works for layla but on louies orange/tan/white it really doesn't flow well with him having these black honkers for toes.  i'm thinking orange for him next time.. maybe blue cause he's a boy.

i think i'm thinking way too deeply into these soft paws.  as we were putting them on the cats i turned to mark and was like "jenn is never gonna let us be alone with the cats for this long again"  since she went to london we've brought them to the vet, got them microchipped, and gave them fake nails.  it's a good thing shes back because who knows what we woulda gotten ourselves into by next week.

so $300 later and the cats are officially microchipped.  now we'll never be able to get rid of them.  

microchipping was only $25 a cat.. but of course they had to go to the vet first and get all their shots and then you have to register their address/name with the microchip.  so yeah.  

we found out that louie had gingivitis and it would be a $350 procedure to clean up his teeth (plus the cost of giving him anesthesia) so yeah, looks like louie is just gonna have to suffer with bad teeth.  i'm gonna look more into it online, cause theres gotta be something else we can do.  if i had gingivitis it wouldn't cost 400 bucks so why does it cost so much on a cat.. he's got teeny teeth.  

oh and we need to buy a plug in air freshener type thing that releases pheromones in the air.  cause ya know layla has anxiety issues.

what the fuck is wrong with our cats?  lol.  poor guys. 



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