yesterday was really nice. i didnt tell anyone at work it was my birthday cause i just wasn't in the mood. so then i got home and got to open up all my presents from mark. he got me 2 cookbooks, office season 3 on dvd, then he made me a cd which makes me happy because i love those. and then for my main gift (which for some reason he really didn't think i'd like) he got me a kitchenaid mixer! i was really excited and didn't want to go out to dinner i just wanted to make something in it. good thing i didn't though cause we ended up exchanging it this morning for a different color - it was originally the white on white but i didn't really like that so we now are the proud owners of the black 5 qt mixer. my dad told him to get the biggest but i'm very glad he didn't cause i saw it at the store and damn is it huge.

we went to cilantros for dinner. ilene reccomended it to me months ago and my dad was trying to convince me i had been there but i didn't remember. as soon as we sat down im like yeah this is the table i sat at with ilene and my parents about 8-10 years ago. i have a weird memory for stuff like that.

we got the friday night price fixed deal thingie and damn were the portions huuuge. i had a mushroom voulette (thick mushroom soup with big hunks of mushroom in it) -yum, then had stuffed breaded artichokes in a pesto sauce covered in parmesan cheese - double yum. then for entree i had a ribeye that was the size of my head smothered in garlic and gorgonzola and topped with fried onions. served with some heavenly mashed potatoes and boring old veggies. the rib eye wasn't that good only cause its so fatty. i ate some there, had some earlier today and i probably have about 2 more meals on it. its humongous. oh and then we had dessert which was a crappy chocolatey mousse type cake.

but then we came home and jenn came over (and snuck my cake in) it was a peanut butter cup perfection cake from cold stone = the best cake ever. peanut butter + chocolate = the best flavor combo ever.

and i now have a date with jenn for sometime soon for dinner and a movie because i'm going to redeem my certificate unlike some people. ahem.

so yeah my mom had told mark that i would hate the mixer cause its a housegift so he's been worried all week. and i'm like i'm sure i'll like it, really don't worry. meanwhile she bought me 2 sweaters and this weirdass coat contraption thing that i feel like i need to be in a rapper's video to wear. i exchanged those today for a lovely tj maxx gift card lol (got some new pj pants and a sweater) so i'm like mark really, don't worry about what my mom says in the future lol. he did good.

ohh and steve and francine are getting me tickets to see wintuk which is the cirque du soleil that's coming to madison square garden. so i'm really excited.

oh yeah and did i mention i'm making cookies?? i already used my mixer, the dough is firming, and ima be eatin some damn good sugar cookies tomorrow.

i need to go put on clothes and go to the outback now :)

i just realized this is really long and i'm not rereading it so hopefully it makes sense.
so i shot outta bed at like 7:45 this morning. i had forgotten to make mark a cake for his birthday.

so i got to work. pulled down the mixer. couldnt find 2 8" pans whihc i wanted cause i wanted to make a layer cake.. cause apparently i like a challenge before i go to work. so i opted for a 13x9" rectangle and decided i would cut it in half when it cooled and make a square layer cake. cake cooked. cake cooled.

ali went to flip said cake out of pan. only half came out. and not a pretty squared off half. no a roundish chunk from the middle. so yeah, put it back in there some how.. and i guess we'll just ice it in the pan and not make it layered. which isn't nearly as fun.

but yeah. needless to say i gave up, got myself a big ass coffee and came to work.

happy birthday mark!
So last night we went into the city. mark wouldn't tell me where we were going. the only hint i got was that i've seen the chef/restaurant on tv a few times. i knew it was no one from the food network cause i've probably seen them about a million times. We parked and were walking and mark's like so do you know? does anything look familiar? obviously not. we keep walking.. and i see the Trump International Hotel and i'm like ohhhhh.

So we went to Nougatine. Jean Georges is on the Apprentice whenever they do the food challenges.. i woulda never thought of that lol. It was really really good. We got their version of the omakase (price fixed meal - buncha courses). I'll critique all the food later.. im not in a full out typing mood right now.

After dinner, there was a part 2. on the whole car ride into the city i was guessing random things. Mark was upset cause i had guessed what we were actually doing. But seriously, some of the things i guessed were seeing an imax, going to a deli, going indoor sky diving, looking at the xmas tree in rockafeller center.. i mean i guess ANYTHING lol.

We went on a horse and carriage ride thru central park. Which I was happy about cause anytime we see them i always say "i wanna go on a horse and carriage ride". Our horse was named Jimmy and he kicked ass.

All in all a good birthday.

Oh we also got word that someone else is putting in a bid for that house we really liked so if we want it we need to put a bid in before the cruise. So now we have no idea what to do. Cause we kinda said that if it wasn't spoken for when we got back we'd "look further into it." but now that we might have to put a bid in by like tonight.. who knows. mark is not a fan of deadlines apparently.

Just think, wouldn't you want this as your backyard?

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view from the creek looking towards the house.

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view of the creek



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