Aug. 7th, 2013 09:28 pm
I'm 38 weeks as of yesterday and I'm ready.  I know it could be another month before baby makes its arrival but it could also be tomorrow.  I'm not holding out all my hopes there but that would be awesome.  I have absolutely nothing to do at work now which makes daily life go by sooo slowly.

I talked to the little one yesterday and mentioned that if he/she does decide to come sometime this week, I would be forced to love him/her a little bit more than his/her sister who waited until an induction at 42 weeks.  She'd still be in there if she could fit and just randomly reach out and ask for a new book.

A friend came and painted clouds in the nursery this past weekend so that's all done now.  Just two paintings to hang up but that's no big deal.  I even washed the newborn neutral clothes... something I didn't bother doing with Ziva.  Sorry kiddo.  Her clothes were all new, these are already worn and sat for 2 years.. plus our new washer and dryer are both awesome.

Ziva asks about the baby a bunch which is adorable. She was asking Mark in the car about her baby brother and he was trying to explain it could be a girl, we don't know.  She insists it's a boy, time will tell.  Last night when I was reading to her she stopped listening leaned up (not easy over my gigantic belly) and snuggled into me more and said I love mommy, I love baby, I love daddy, I love woofwoof.  I teared up and gave her squishy hugs and kisses.

We've settled on the names.  We've even settled on the Hebrew names.  Spoke to the Rabbi tonight - if it's a boy we'll do a bris and a baby naming for Ziva.  If it's a girl we'll do a joint baby naming ceremony which will be nice.  Funny that even though Ziva is hebrew he suggested a different Hebrew name.  I like the name though and the meaning so we're going with it.

That's about all.  I sent Mark out for ice cream tonight because, at most, I only have another month to get away with that.
So I was reading this thing about "absolute essentials" for a new baby.  Some things made a lot of sense but, of course, some things didn't.  I don't absolutely NEED a basinet - I can put the baby directly into it's crib.  Hell, my mom had people years ago that would put their babies in laundry baskets or pull out a tall dresser drawer.  Cause really, it's not absolutely necessary to get a bassinet. 

Anyway, today I came to the conclusion that I don't understand the need for a daily bath for a newborn.  People tell me I won't have time to brush my teeth in the beginning.  But, I need to make time to bathe a lump that probably hasn't moved at all that day besides being carried, rocked, slept?  Obviously, if there's a diaper blowout or vomit explosion or whatever, a bath is necessary.  But it's not like a baby is off working in the streets all day sweating up a storm.  I'd rather take that time and shower myself or brush my teeth.  Maybe there's just something I'm completely missing here...

I'm kind of surprised that I'm already technically halfway through this whole thing.  I keep waiting for something horrible to happen and I know that's a terrible terrible way to think.  It's just been very easy so far which makes me more nervous even though it shouldn't.  I'm 21 weeks along today.  That means instead of counting up, I'm now counting down to the end.  I've been pregnant longer than I will continue to be pregnant.  That's pretty weird.  Plus, it's a countdown to the worst pain I'll ever have, oh joy.  No matter which way this baby comes out, and of course I have my preferences, it's going to hurt. 

So, on a happy/brighter note, I ordered the bedding the other day.  We couldn't find a single thing we liked in stores - everything is very much boy or girl and I don't like that.  I opted to spent a few more dollars and just got the custom bedding we both really liked off of etsy.  It takes 12-14 weeks so by the time that arrives, I'll be very close to the end.  Weird.  It's black, white, and yellow patterns - stripes, dots, birds, and animals.  Hopefully it turns out as nice as it looks in my head. 

My coworkers are all convinced I'm having a girl.  My family is convinced it's a boy.  Friends haven't really made any guesses yet.  I don't have a preference, at first I thought boy so now I'm just thinking girl because I thought boy earlier.  As long as it's healthy, it really doesn't matter to me.  It's not like I have a say in the matter lol. 
we had an action packed weekend. just got back from the poconos about 20 minutes or so ago.

Friday we went to dinner with Mark's aunt and uncle who were down from Albany. Then we drove out to the Poconos that night. We hung out there for about 11 hours.

Saturday we got up early to drive up to Buffalo for Andrea and Todd's Wedding. Got up there in about 5 and a half hours. It really wasn't a bad drive. We went to Canada and gambled some (mark won like $30ish and I won aout $10 - not bad). Thought we might not be allowed back into the US because the customs agent questioned us a whole bunch on the rental car.. apparently it's weird if you get into a car accident (which mark did last Tuesday) and then use a rental car to drive places. Later that night we went to the Anchor Bar where apparently the buffalo wing originated. It was quite tasty. Oh and we went to Niagara Falls at around sunset so we got some nice pics...
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Sunday we woke up really early after going to sleep really late (i'll get to that in a minute). It was Andrea and Todd's wedding and we went out to breakfast first and then the church so they could be blessed and then it was back to Todd's parents house for the reception. It was very fun of course and I'm very happy i got to see Andrea cause i really miss her. yea we dont have any amazing pics but heres all of us...

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So then we headed back to my parents at like 830 and got back there around 230ish.. we stopped a bunch of times cause both of us kept having to pee otherwise we woulda been back sooner. and the reason we came back early?

Jeanette had her baby! A month early! Crazy! (yes this calls for multiple !!'s).
She went into labor midnight on Saturday (right after her shift ended.. her water broke in the living room and she was laying on the floor of dining room 3 until the ambulance arrived. She was in labor for 4 hours and then 2.5 pushes later and she had a baby girl!

Mackenzie Rose. 5 lbs 10 oz and 18" long. She's really a tiny little doodle head but damn sh sure is cute. So without further ado.. more pictres to make this entry nice and long...

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look how cute she is!

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i was afraid to break the baby because shes so little but i think she liked me :)

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i think mark may be a little in love with her.. he kept telling her he couldn't wait to take her out for cookies and candy and ice cream and he's like we're gonna spend so much time together even if you don't like me now you're really gonna love me. it was really cute lol.

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and of course the needed picture - the one i take with the camera. its a little blurry because we didn't want to use flash and wake up Mackenzie but its still cute.

so yes, it was a very long (and good) weekend. and im so not looking forward to waking up early yet again tomorrow and going to work.



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