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Still here.  I go through phases of being positive and happy and then I get totally bummed that this baby still hasn't come out of me.  I'm 39w5d.  I'm not even "due" until Tuesday so it doesn't make any sense.  But you try explaining that to a hormonal pregnant woman.  I think I'd be fine going 2 more weeks (ugh) if I didn't have to deal with 8 hours a day of work.  Work isn't hard it's the people that are so annoying - Oh, my you're stil here??  You're still pregnant!  You're huge!  How much longer until they take it out of you?  What if it's too big?  Why are you still working?  You look so so tired.  Oh, look the baby finally dropped.  Oh, maybe you'll drop soon and the baby will come out.  Screw you people.  My responses have been nice thus far but I'm not sure how much nicer I can be.  The "best" was this older lady who says to me "oh you're so swollen, you should give birth soon" as if it's that easy.  then goes on to say "wait, you have tattoos?  why?  what made you get a tattoo?  please tell me you were 18 and stupid?  why would you do such a thing?  You know they're permanent right?  Oh, you're so swollen"  I responded saying "It would be much nicer to hear 'you look so pretty' so unless you're going to say that we're done here" and I walked away.  Of course, the next day she's all "you finally dropped you're totally giving birth this weekend!"  Yeah, proved you wrong there lady.

Yesterday, Ziva was invited to a bounce house birthday party.  She had a bunch of daycare friends there but was still super shy.  Mark ended up having to bounce with her on everything, surprise surprise.  I wanted to bounce the baby out but was worried about fitting through the small openings or getting stuck inside - plus there was a bunch of kids and really only 3 things to bounce on.  I was surprised at how small the place was.  Afterwards, we walked around the outlets for about 2 hours.  Maybe had a contraction or two?  But nothing that actually made me go oh this hurts.  So, it is what it is and if I have to go to 42 weeks again, I guess I will, what other choice do I really have?

Today was a lazy lazy day because, as I mentioned, I'm just done.  Mark got up with Ziva and picked up bagels (and draino since our shower was draining super slowly).  I slept until 9 and then had a bagel with fresh tomatoes and lox cream cheese.  We talked about food to serve if it's a boy and we have a bris (lox and bagels of course hahaha).  Then we watched The Little Mermaid, played around the house, baked oatmeal cookies and banana bread muffins which Ziva loved helping with.  Mark cooked dinner and then we cleaned up from a weekend Hurricane Ziva.  Watched tv, folded some laundry, played some games on facebook, and, now I'm sitting here typing this.

Such a glamorous life we lead :)



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