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Jun. 11th, 2013 08:30 pm
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Time is going way too quickly.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today.
Ziva turns 2 on Monday!
We're going to Sesame Place to celebrate her bday this weekend.  Well, we're going Thursday-Sunday but will actually be at the park (as long as there is decent weather) Friday and Saturday.  We have lunch scheduled with Elmo and I'm thinking she'll love it.

The next weekend we're doing Ziva's birthday party and then it's practically July.  So crazy how time goes.

Pregnancy wise, I'm doing fine.  Passed the Gestational Diabetes test with "flying colors".  There were some ironish levels that were kinda low but Dale said that's totally normal and to just do what I'm doing.  My blood pressure is fine and all my other levels were good as well.  I'm up around 20lbs and I'd love to not gain more than 30 (what I gained with Ziva) but, it is what it is.  And, realistically, there are some days I'm starving and I just eat whatever I want and I don't care.  My hips/pelvis have started to be sore, so that's fun when I'm constantly bending down to pick up Ziva and/or stuff on the floor because of Ziva.

There's a handyman coming tomorrow to finish up the garage apartment.  It was just taking way too long with Mark and his dad doing it and this guy said he can finish it up in 4 days for $900.  That sounds just about right to me. Mark started painting the nursery and I finally remembered to order the decals - a big tree with birds, owls, monkeys, a hippo, giraffe, lion and an elephant.  Same animal theme as Ziva's old nursery but not as brightly colored.  I think it'll be lovely if it ends up looking as nice in person as it all does in my head.



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