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Positive and Negative:
 - I was sick for two weeks after my birthday.  That was rather stinky.  I was feeling better and now today I'm freezing and thinking I'm probably getting sick again now.
 + Ziva gives the most adorable baby kisses *muah* and blowing kisses when either Mark or I are leaving and she does it for other people too which is incredibly sweet.
-/+ we've been going back and forth with a house for like 2 weeks now?  Basically, everything they've told us has ended up being a lie so that's rather shady BUT we really like the house, the location, and the size of the house (its a 5 bedroom house which means we'll never grow out of it but it's also oil so paying oil for that house just kind of hurts.)
- Layla needs a whole bunch of teeth pulled.  Apparently, they are horrible and we're bad cat owners for not even noticing.  The vet said it would be $1000 after charging us around $500 for bloodwork and tests that all turned out perfectly fine.  We went to a different vet and now Layla has an appointment for Wednesday to remove some of her teeth and they'll see what they can do.  This place that is only charging us between $300-400 for the whole shebang and that final cost just depends on how many teeth are pulled.  The lady was super super nice and said that, unfortunately for her, her teeth her loose already, fortunately for us, that means it's cheaper to remove them.
+ Ziva had her 15 month check up and shots.  She did amazingly.  I love that the doctor comes to our house.  It's so nice and relaxed and she can easily see what Ziva can/can't do.  It was funny when she walked in and Ziva was running past the door and she just went "Oh, great, we're running, you're in for it now!". Her stats are 32" tall and 24lbs6oz.  I don't remember her head size but I know her gigantic head is still in the 85%.  So, all in all, she's doing great.
+ We got the new iPhones, on day 1 of course because Mark is ridiculous.  Its nice and sooo much lighter.  The camera is also such a huge difference from the 4 that we had.

I'm tired, that's about it.  I've been reading but been horrible at commenting.



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