Mar. 26th, 2013

Life just hasn't stopped moving for the past month or two.  We bought the house, there was a blizzard the day we were supposed to move.

We moved the next weekend.  That day I woke up sick, with pink eye, and finding out that my grandmother died.  She went into the hospital with a broken hip 2 weeks prior.  Every day she was doing better and going to be sent home shortly and then she'd take a turn for the worse.  She passed away on February 16.  It sucked all around.  I took a week of bereavement days from work.  My boss told me to just stay home, relax, and unpack.  I didn't move off the bed/couch for 2 days.

I'm skipping a lot but I can't really dwell on that right now.  The house is lovely.  There's still a ton of unpacking to do but it's so nice to have space to spread out.

Ziva is amazing.  She talks all the time.  My current favorite phrases of hers: "no, no I don't like it (change out "it" with anything she doesn't feel like doing at that second) and "right there mommy" (when I can't find something and she is clearly smarter than I am.  She giggles she plays she runs she plays tricks on us (or tries to).  She likes to pull a chair up next to me in the kitchen and help me cook.  Yesterday, she helped break all the asparagus stems off.  Today, we made chocolate covered matzoh.  Because it was all hot stuff she mainly just delegated while eating her "biiig cracker".   She's also a crazy little almost two year old and throws amazing tantrums.  We fight and argue but it's more my lack of patience right now and her testing me.

Have I mentioned that I'm pregnant? That would account for the lack of patience. Oh yeah, life has been action packed.  I'm 19 weeks today.  We go tomorrow for the "big" ultrasound.  But we're not finding out what it is again so it's not really THAT big of an ultrasound.  I always thought I'd NEED to know with #2, but I like the idea of not knowing - gives me something to work and push towards.

I feel guilty that I haven't purchased anything for this baby yet.  At this point last time, we bought so much stuff but we just don't need anything right now, we have most everything.  Once the kid comes out, I'm sure I'll think of a bunch of things.  I also have a short (but growing) list on my phone of stuff to pick up but nothing major.  That's what's nice about #2 and also guilt inducing since I'm not just thinking/planning this baby 24/7.  There is too much going on to just focus on being pregnant.  Most times, even though I've been feeling movement for a while, I completely forget I'm pregnant. Then, I have to hike up my ridiculous maternity jeans and I remember, oh yeah, there's another human in there. It really is crazy.



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