Nov. 9th, 2012


Nov. 9th, 2012 09:50 pm
Sooo, haven't posted in a while and I won't be posting for another week because we're heading to Disney tomorrow!

I said I would never go to Disneyworld with a baby in diapers but, well, things change once that baby is here, don't they?  I'm excited and sooo looking forward to a week off of work as well.  There is so much stuff in our luggage.   I did fine packing my stuff but I worry that Ziva MIGHT need this and that and this other thing and oh no, what about some extra cheerios JUST IN CASE.  Can't forget a spare blanket for her and clothes and her elmo doll or the teddy bear?  Do I bring bother or just one and then it turns into a giant bag and a medium bag and a carryon and and and and and...

And, then I just realized we need the stroller and diaper bag too ahhhh  I'm hemming and hawwing over whether or not I should bring her carrier.  She hasn't been in it forever but on the last plane ride it was great to strap her onto me and force her into a nap.  So, do I take up some valuable carryon space for a carrier I may or may not use? 

I don't knowwww. 

disney disney disney



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